Meet Ulo: Interactive home surveillance owl.


Ulo is first of cute and then very smart.

Don’t let it adorableness deceive you, Ulo sees all( no, not God), but Ulo is a surveillance camera. A pet Owl that can interact with you through the eye. This is a wonderful invention by Vivien Muller.

You may say this is not architectural and ask why should it be here?. I think we should protect our structure and it occupants. Security is a basic design requirement no matter the kind of structure be it residential or public. Security at the stage design is not always enough. Natural surveillance ( ability to observe one environment) is limited with walls and partitions.

With this in mind, Vivien Muller’s innovation is functional yet stylish.

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Another interesting thing about Ulo, is that it can be control with your phone. It has it android and IOs application on apps stores. The project has recently gotten and sponsorship and will soon have a global reach.

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The innovation was launch here.

If you would like to be involved in the distribution follow the link below.

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