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Amazing yet Inspirational 12 years of President George Weah

Weah started his professional football career with Mighty Barrolle, but it was in a club known as Tonnerre Kalara Club (TKC) in Cameroon after leaving his home country of Liberia that his career took an upward trajectory. It was there that he was discovered by the then Cameroon national team coach Claude le Roy who connected him to Arsene wenger of Monaco. He played for Tonnere Kalara in 1987-1988 season.

From there he went on to become the world best player in 1995. Well I won’t dwell on his footballing prowess, this post is about the events happening ten years later from 2005 till date.

The amazing 12 years of his life, from 2005 – 2017.

In 2005 Weah has been heavily involved in politics in his homeland Liberia and ran unsuccessfully for president in the 2005 elections, losing to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the second round of voting. Earlier that year he admitted being a high school dropout, a true life confession that politically cost him so dearly, placing him second to Harvard’s trained public servant Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in the runoff after he took a convincing lead in the first round.

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Weah didn’t give up, however  that marked the turn of events  in his life. In 2006 he sat for and obtained his  Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) at age 40.

He acquired a Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 2012 from Devry, bringing great pride to his many followers and personal fulfilment. He did  this at age 46.

Weah had this to say at the time:

“We all often strive to have college degrees. Some did, some never had the opportunity and some waited until the appropriate time was afforded. So, in my case, it is something I have always strived for, but I never had the opportunity because of my [football] career. And so, what I did, I did online courses. But, after my career, I decided to go back to class because it is the right thing to do, and I am very glad, and I made my parents and even my critics proud,” he said.

Weah said his degree should serve as a lesson for the young and old that it is never too late to learn.

“I just want them to know that [you are] never too old to learn and everyone should keep their hopes alive. I know lots of kids that want to be educated, they want to have college degrees, but they don’t have that opportunity, but I think they need to keep believing in themselves that one day it will happen,” Weah said.

But George Weah’s determination to get in active public service has propelled him to leap from a dropout to earning a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the same Devry University in Miami, Florida, the United States of America. He did this at age 47.

In 2014 he ran and won as a Liberian Senator, at the age of 48.

In 2017 he was declared president elect of Liberia, at the age of 51.

In life it is never too late,  many could  mock and ridicule you,  but never give  up. Be inspired be his 12 years of change.  2018 is by the corner start something you will be proud of in 12 years time.


Update: This is 2019, So far his government is the best thing Liberians have ever had.





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