Necessity they say is the mother of invention. Mankind over the years have solved problems with innovative ideas and solutions. 

32 years old Augustine Otuokwa Ogar, a graduate of Electronic and Computer Technology, has constructed a 200 Mega Watts(I think this is a mistake, possibly meant 2000Kilowatts) mini Hydroelectric power plant that generate electricity for the plant site and its surrounding Mgbaeshuo village of Wula Community, Eastern Boki, Boki LGA, Cross River State.

This was a remarkable and exceptional achievement by Augustine Otuokwa Ogar, who constructed this Hydroelectric Plant with locally selected handpicked materials and equipments and intelligently put them together.
He converts the kinetic energy of a flowing stream water into electric energy that is now used in homes and business areas of this village(a little exaggeration).

Generated on a small scale with ‘run – off’ installation of a naturally flowing stream water to turn and revolve its turbine.
The Water rushes past the turbine, hitting its blades and causing it to spin and rotate, converting the water’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy, the water then finally flows out of the stream and continues its journey down stream.

Augustine here explain how it works. 
“When the turbine spins so does the electromagnetic field convert this mechanical energy into electric energy” he said and continue, “the flow rate of the stream water is low, because its not a dam or water fall, this is a small stream with low flowing water, Yet I was able to convert it to bring Pressure and fall like a Dam.”

Augustine Otuokwa Ogar, needs encouragement, support, total empowerment from Government and spirited Nigerians.

If he can generate power from his locally constructed Hydroelectric power plant then, with empowerment, he can construct a more Ingenious energy generating plant that can serve the entire Local Government and Senatorial Zone.

Source: Gilbert Ekwo


I sincerely hope Government or a Non – Governmental Organization will see this project and support him. Even though it is in infancy,  projects such as this,  if replicated all of Nigeria could be the solution to the epileptic power supply. 

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