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Belly Fat : Myths and Facts

The world population is made up of people with belly fat of varying degrees. Belly fat is very common to all humans, irrespective of race, or religion. Before going further with this blog spot,  I would like to state clearly that belly fat is not all that bad, it protects. A little bit of belly fat is actually good for you: it protects your stomach, intestines, and other delicate organs. Well, like they say too much of everything is not good.

There are a lot of statement made about fat and this post will address it either as a fact or myth(false).

Statement 1.

Abdominal exercise will cut fat.  

Verdict : Myth!





Statement 2.

Counting Calories is not effective.

Verdict : Fact!





Statement 3.

Certain food can boost belly fat reductions.

Verdict : Fact!





Statement 4.

You can eat more and lose belly fat.

Verdict : Fact!







Statement 5.

The fat you eat affects the fat you get.

Verdict : Fact!





Statement 6.

Green tea helps lose belly fat.

Verdict : Fact!






Statement 7.

You can’t lose your belly fat after 40 years of age.

Verdict : Myth!





Statement 8.









It is worse than other body fats.

Verdict : Fact!








Statement 9.

Prolonged sitting promotes belly fat.

Verdict : Fact!






Statement 10.

Stress increase belly fat.

Verdict : Fact!





Statement 11.

Intense exercise is NECESSARY for Belly fat loss

Verdict : Myth!



Statement 12.

Reducing Dietary Fat  is always  equal to less belly fat

Verdict : Myth!






Statement 13

Belly fact should be measure in Inches and not Pounds

Verdict : Fact!






Statement 14

Expensive AB-Machine and Gadgets works in reducing Belly fat.

Verdict : Myth!







Statement 15.

Whole Grains scare away belly fat.

Verdict : Fact!






Kindly drop comments on any of the verdicts, I am open to discussion.


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