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Dream Light launches a sleeping mask.

Photo credit Dream Light

Dream Light Sleeping mask was brought to the fore in the CES 2018 , They promise to solve a lot of sleep related issues including the ability to lessen the effects of jet lag, recommend adjustments to your sleep habits based on your 23andMe profile, and, um, project infrared light to supposedly help with under eye circles.

Can you relax when there’s a pillow wrapped around your head that streams a barrage of ambient nose into your ears and pulses orange light onto your eyelids? I felt more amped than calm when I tried on the Dreamlight, a Bluetooth-connected sleep mask on display on Tuesday at the CES tech show here in Las Vegas. The creators of the mask will launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the product this month.

The Dreamlight is a gray, cushioned mask that covers your eyes and ears. After you fasten it on, an orange light dims and illuminates that is supposed to be a guide for your breathing: inhale as the light goes on, exhale as it goes off. Ambient sound also plays to block out noise — I heard a mixture of what sounded like light jazz and rainforest sounds.

photo credit : Dreamlight

When you finally get to sleep, the Dreamlight app keeps track of your sleeping vitals so in the morning you can see how well you slept.

Dreamlight is one of several companies we’ve spotted at CES this year that have taken a stab at giving you a better night’s sleep. For example, the Nokia Sleep pad goes under your mattress and tells you about your slumber, and Sleep Number wants its mattresses to track your sleep and even diagnose health conditions.


The creators of Dreamlight also have lofty aspirations beyond good sleep. The company wants folks who have had their DNA analyzed by companies such as 23andMe to submit their info as a sort of crowdsourced sleep study. They want to figure out if there are any common genes that indicate how someone will sleep. If this happens, I expect plenty of concerns about user privacy.

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The Dreamlight debuts on Indiegogo on January 17th for an undisclosed price. If you interested in the project get your money ready as soon as debuts on



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