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Loomo Robotics Want To Be Your Buddy


Everyone needs a robotic friend and the Loomo might be the best yet. Part pack mule, part Segway, part voice assistant, the Loomo packs a lot of goods into its self-balancing frame.

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The device is from Segway Robotics, which is backed by Intel and Xiaomi. Intel’s RealSense provides sensors to make it safe to use indoors and out and the Segway platform lets it self-balance and travel at up to 11 mph.

The device is loaded with features to the point where it seems the company is having a hard time defining the target market. The company says object and activity recognition lets it be the ideal security device. The cargo carrying and follow capability lets it be a robotic companion. Either way, even without a clear target market, it’s a solid device.

Segway Robotics stopped by TechCrunch’s CES 2018 booth for a quick demo. The robot easily performed as advertised and carried my bag for me. And as a Segway, it worked well, too, able to scoot people around the show floor.

But without a clear sales message it will be hard to sell the device when it hits the market in early 2018.

Some of the features of Loomo.

Loomo is  Mobile Robot Sidekick & Mini Personal Transporter

     • Smooth, self balancing transporter powered by Segway

     • Powerful AI that incorporates Intel Real Sense

  • Voice & Gesture Control

     • Auto-follow, video capture, touch, voice, & gesture control

     • Playful personality and interactivity

     • Includes free Android SDK and over-the-air updates

  • Travel up to 22 Miles per Charge
  • Auto Follow & Video Capture
  • Advanced Computer Vision / Emotion Engine

     • Platform designed for endless integration possibilities Loomo is shaping the future of mobile robotics.

  • Multi-Terrain Mobility

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You can order for your Loomo at the Crowd Funding site Indiegogo. So far the project is doing fine as it has many supporters already with $1,026,748 USD raised by 907 backers as of 22/2/2018.

Culled from TechCrunch


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