Hushme Mask Lets Users Make Private Calls

CES 2018 have come and ended, consumers have seen lots of interesting innovations and start ups, HushMe Mask wowed lots of enthusiast at CES2018.

On this site we have reported on the failed yet comical LG Cloi presentation at CES2018.

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Have you ever tried to make a private call in public without onlookers listening? May be you want to call you girlfriend or wife from your office chair, without your colleagues hearing a word? Or your mum called you in the front of your friends? These are some of the scenarios that you would like to make such a private call, but it is impossible with conventional phone or any of the phone accessories available.  In the concluded CES2018 the was a solution and it was tested and it worked.

I here by introduce you to HushMe Mask!!!.

A Ukranian start-up thinks it has the solution to back ground noise, and lack of privacy, the answer is  a hi-tech face mask that muffles the user’s voice while blasting out electronic sounds.

The Mask may look ridiculous if I have to be very honest,  on the plus side it makes you look like a DC character in the Batman Trilogy  know  as BANE.

Hushme has a “personal acoustic device,” that wraps around your mouth and using special sound deadening material, it keeps whatever you’re saying from being heard by the outside world. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth, has a pair of earbuds for listening to music, and snaps together in front of your mouth with magnets.

Photo Credit: DigitalTrends

If that’s not strange enough, it goes one step further in protecting your conversations, by adding an audible mask over the top. When you’re talking about what restaurant to visit in the evening, everyone around you may only hear the sound of waves, rain, various animals, or Darth Vader. Yes, really. We heard it working, and didn’t hear any actual words spoken by the person wearing the Hushme. This product can be bought at “kickstarter”.

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CES 2018 will hardly be forgotten as it has feature great project and some are already useful.


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