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The TurnAid Bed; Solving a unique problem

  Turnaid Bed video 

TurnAid Bed is a produce by TurnAid.AsP also known as TurnAid Ltd.

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The company is located in Denmark but as distributors worldwide. The bed is both design and produce in Denmark.

TurnAid bed is uniquely built to help turn it users that are either paralyze or disable.

TurnAid ApS, founded 2014, has developed the turning and moving system TurnAid, that is a distinctive combination of an electrically driven turning sheet and two bed rails.

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TurnAid is developed to optimise the difficult scenarios in relation with care of, moving of, and bed solutions for persons with severe physical disabilities in hospitals, establishments, or their own home. TurnAid improves the operating surroundings even as it will increase the protection and also the dignity of the work with and also the stay in care beds as turning and moving of persons become simple and discrete.
In “stand by” mode, the turning system is set in a very low position, wherever the care needed is not only protected by the protection or safety of the bed rails but the person is additionally placed in an ethical and dignified position with a free view to the environment. TurnAid handles persons with a weight up to two hundred kg and does so with maximum consideration to the care needed and also the employees. TurnAid is well mounted on most care beds because it comes with a inbuilt universal fitting along side length and breadth adjustment, this allows TurnAid to comply with the Medical Directive’s strict demands to the area.Below you can download our manuals, terms and conditions:


TurnAid may not solve all the problem,  it does do a great job of assisting. When you go to hospitals especially in Nigeria where health care is poorly funded,  you will see why the hospitals and health care services need this bed. Some hospital lack enough of the normal bed.  Disable or accident victims are hardly given a dignified treatment when the bed sheets has to be changed.

How to videos on TurnAid:

Mounting of TurnAid

Change sheet on TurnAid

By all means this is a great product. If you are interested in getting it,  kindly visit




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