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At Last!! Google’s pestering ads get ‘mute’ button

This will come as a good news to those who have been tormented by the incessant google ads. It is nice to know that finally the end of ads torment is near.

Google will now let people “mute” advertisements that encourage them to shop for merchandise from websites they have previously visited.

So-called reminder ads track that product people have checked out on-line and then promote them across the web.

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Google Ads Claims

Google Ads

Google said reminder ads were “useful” but said it needed to provide people “more control” over what they see on-line.

Individual reminder ads are going to be “mutable” on websites that use Google’s services to produce adverts.

Muted promotions are going to be replaced with alternative adverts. there will not be a way to opt out of seeing all reminder adverts by default.

The modification are going to be rolled out as a part of an update to Google’s ad settings, obtainable to people who have a Google account.

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The account dashboard can show folks that corporations square measure presently targeting them with “reminder ads” based on products that they need previously viewed.

Google’s “mute this ad” feature was first introduced in 2012. It lets folks hide any advertisement they do not want to see again.

The company said the feature is employed “millions of times” on a daily basis.

However, reminder ads dished up by other organisations such as Facebook and Amazon won’t be affected.

Many people will agree that these google ads are tormenting to say the least,  and many will gladly welcome this development.



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