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Recent Study Shows Women with Bigger Butts are Smarter.

Big butts

Credit : hunterxcolleen

What more can you asked for; big butts with brains.

Obviously aside having a sexy figure and turning men’s head,  women with bigger butts are smart.

They seem to have it all going for them according to a study conducted on.

When is comes to beauty,  we all define it differently , to some people,  a lady with blues eyes is beautiful,  to others slender legs is, still to others big boobs , but there is a silent majority that think a Lady with big butt is beautiful,  everyone to his tent.

The thing that is often forgotten is that women are all beautiful one way or another. Whether it is on the inside or the outside.


However,  recently the trend in beauty has slot to do with big butt,  we can all see the competition for “likes” on instagram with many women exposing their behind willingly, the likes and comments that follows seems to pumped and fueled their ego.

The behind of a woman is usually accepted by men to be the most beautiful part of a woman especially in Africa.  A woman with big behind is generally believed to be more fertile.

Most men will echo the words of a wise philosopher, Sir Mix-A-Lot, who once said: “I like big butts and I can not lie” from his 1992 song with the same title.

There are some people who look out for a person who is smart, but it looks like they should keep an eye out for someone with a big butt, as it’s an indication that they’re very smart!

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The Study

New research straight from the Oxford University claims that women with massive butts are smarter than women with smaller bottoms.

Credit: KYM

It’s another win for women with ‘fat round bottomed’!

Most of us think that  big butts are  simply a thing of beauty, however it turns out that there’s more to it than that.

The study in question   really analyzed data from over 16,000 women, and it seems that the women with a lot of junk in their trunks were more intelligent and resistant to chronic illnesses!

The women with bigger backsides  additionally had  lower cholesterol and glucose levels, as well as higher levels of Omega 3, fatty acids.

Shaking butt

Shaking butt

They even have a higher amount of a hormone referred to as dinopectina, that is actually known to possess anti diabetic and anti inflammatory properties.

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Kindly Note, this study is a result of the sample size used for the study, if you are a woman with big butt really this don’t assume you are automatically smart, but there is a high tendency you may be smart.




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