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Man Vs Battery; Battery Explodes


          A man just found out that battery doesn’t take being eaten alive lightly as battery explodes. 

The incidence which happen in a chinese electronic shop, shows why we you should never consider beating you battery no matter what. The customer did survive the battery ‘upper cut’ and will live to tell it to his friends and children and grand children. This incidence further under line how unsafe are our handheld devices can be.

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Tough Lesson

That’s a hard-learned lesson for a man who visited a Chinese electronic store shopping for a replacement battery and decided to apply his own technologically unsound method for verifying the batteries authenticity. He placed the battery into his mouth and bit down. The result? Pop goes the battery.

The footage, captured by the store’s closed circuit TV, has been uploaded to Chinese video sharing site, as usually happens when there’s footage of someone risking life and limb.

The Taiwan News reports that no one was injured in the resulting blast, though we suspect the intrepid shopper has lost his taste for batteries. According to the Taiwan News report, the man was shopping for a replacement battery for his iPhone.

Replacement Batteries

iPhone users have been in the market for replacement batteries after Apple confirmed that it had been slowing down performance of older phones to preserve the battery life of those devices. Amid public grumbling about that revelation, Apple announced that anyone with an iPhone 6 or later would be able to get a replacement battery installed for $29 before the end of 2018.

Apple Replacement Battery

Apple Replacement Battery

The discounted battery replacement program has iPhone users flocking to Apple Stores for their new battery — so much so that some customers are reporting delays until the spring. If you’re facing a delay, you can take matters into your own hands by turning to a third-party replacement service. Just don’t be like your fellow iPhone owner in China and take matters into your own mouth.

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