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Apple In more Trouble

Apple Inc. is not having the best of time lately. The company has a lot in their hands already, from dissatisfied customers, shaken share holders, reputation getting a hit and finally law suits are coming in. How did the company get to this sad situation?


Apple Replacement Battery

Apple Replacement Battery

Apple Inc. have been in one issue to another since late last year. It became public notice late last years, that the company is secretly slowing down older phones. After an expected uproar the company like a dog with a tail in between it legs quickly offer an apology, you can read it here . In the apology apple  claimed that old lithium batteries term to lose strength to perform optimally. I doubt, that’s what the customers wanted to here. Most were sadden that Apple kept such information to themselves, many users wondered what more will the company will be hiding.


Apple in a desperate move to safe face and appease their numerous customers,on December- 29- 2017, they decided to slash the prices of the affected phone batteries from $79 to $29. The slash saw a lot of Iphone user flocking to the phone stores and outlets globally. Some  and left without injury others not so lucky, to understand what I wrote, kindly read here. The action decision by Apple was good but not enough. The company is facing a court suit in two countries as at the time of reporting.


South Korean regulators are set to probe Iphone manufacturers, the Korean government are looking in to the case of intentional throting of phones to make it obsolete. Apple will have a lot of explaining to do there, the may come out unscathe financially but their repulation will definitely be affected.

A report by Bloomberg has it that the United State of America government have requested information from Apple as it ramped up for investigation.

The government Department of justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are looking into the issue to ascertain if Apple broke the law by withholding information from their investors(users).

Apple could work away unblemished at the end of the day. We will be here to report it.



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