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Chrome Browser Now Allows You Mute Noisy Sites Forever: Learn How

How to must a Noisy site on Google Chrome

In a bid to create an impression on first time visitors to their site, the site admins and site owners tend to keep media files like videos on auto-play, this means the moment a visitor visit the website or blog, a video on the page begins to play automatically. Actually I have done similar thing on one of my post. You can click HERE to see the effect. Most sites use automatic video to hold visitors attention to things the probably didn’t take him there in the first place. Most advertising sites and XXX sites use this technique a lot. Now you Can Mute such sites.

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Google Solution

Google in their Chrome browser , have come up with a solution to mute Noisy sites.

Google is rolling out a brand new version of Google Chrome, Chrome 64, to Windows, mac and Linux users, and it will enable you to finally make websites with buzzing auto playing videos shut up.

All you’ve got to try and do is right click on a tab and click “mute web site,” and it will be permanently muted. You will not have to be smashing on the volume down button in the middle of an otherwise peaceful workplace. There some private video site visitors may like to watch but he will have to mute the website to avoid disturbing others.  If you ever do wish to watch a video on those sites, though, you will still need to un-mute it. To un-mute the site use the same process.

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Additionally, Chrome 64 includes 53 security fixes as well as protections against Meltdown and Spectre. And, for Windows users, High Dynamic range (HDR) support is here. HDR requires the user have a separate GPU, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and, of course, an HDR compatible monitor.

Chrome 64 is rolling out in the coming days, but you’ll be able to force the update by going to settings or by restarting your instance of Chrome.

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