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CONTROVERSIAL: These CHILD Sex Dolls Are Designed To Keep Pedophiles From Offending


Child sex doll

When a child is sexually assaulted, the child future can immensely be affected. The word today as we know it is full of different sexual absurdities and paedophilia is one of such. Paedophiles can be anyone, close relatives like, father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, auntie and cousin can be perpetrators. Strangers, family friends, church or mosque member, anyone in close religious sect or even atheist etc. They could also be people of various careers from engineers, doctors, priest, or even celebrities and much more.

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Globally the law enforcement and psychologists are doing everything attainable to prevent them from getting close to youngsters. the most important drawback is that scientists have discovered that paedophilia may very well be a mental anomaly that comes with a brain malformation, which implies that it’s not a choice for them to be drawn to kids. One company came up with an answer that might keep them from offending, however it’s going to not be precisely what most of the people would have planned.

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(Note: Not all dolls posted here are related to this industry.)



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