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Google Lens Will Now Be Available to All Android Phones

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Google Lens

I will like to explained what Google Len is before going in to the gist of this article. Google Lens is a smart camera app that will show you information or options depending on what the camera detects. You can think of Google Lens as a visual search engine whose actions will depend on what it’s detecting. Below is a Google tweet announcing Google Lens.

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Google Lens is a technology that basically turns the camera from a passive tool that’s capturing the world around you to one that’s allowing you to interact with what’s in your camera’s viewfinder. Google Lens is a product of Google continuous efforts to keep their users happy.  Google LensIt was announced at Google’s I/O 2017 keynote and is something that is already available on Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel2 XL phones.

The technology has been launched on Google Pixel phones and now it is set to make a big leap to all Androids phones.

What It Can do

During a demo, Google showed off how you could point your camera at something and Lens tells you what it is — like, it could identify the flower you’re preparing to shoot.


Google Lens demonstration on a flower, when it was presented last year.

For example, let’s say that you point your device’s camera at the SSID sticker on your router.

Google Len

Google Lens demonstration on a wireless router, when it was presented last year.

In another example, Google in the show demonstrated how Lens could do a common task — connecting you to a home’s Wi-Fi network by snapping a photo of the sticker on the router.

That simply means Google Lens could identify that it’s looking at a network’s name and password, then offer you the option to tap a button and connect automatically.

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Google Lens can identify a Store by it  Sore-front and also show it rating.

Google Lens

Google Lens demonstration on a Storefront, when it was presented last year.

With Google Lens, you’ll be able to turn images into action. A photo of a business card can be turned into a contact in your address book, a photo of a book can turn up reviews and a photo of a link can be turned into a shortcut to the web address without having to enter it in your browser.

Google Broadening The Google Lens Audience

The object recognition functionality of Google Lens as built in in Google Assistant was previously exclusive to Google Pixel Phones but now it is going to be on all google devices with the ability to run the latest version of Google Photos. If you don’t see a Photos update yet, don’t worry, it’s coming. According to The Verge, Google is also bringing Lens to iOS devices, though no word yet on the timeline for that launch.

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Google is broadening the audience for Lens just as Samsung is making Bixby smarter on its Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices. Bixby Vision gains new features on the S9, including a shoppable makeup application filter, image-based language translation and calorie estimates for food photos. Bixby isn’t available on other Android devices.

The competition is on.



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