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Apple’s MicroLED Success Puts Samsung At Loss

MicroLED screen Photo Credit : Google images

Apple, the the mobile technology gaint has been working on their own MicroLED screen Technology. Apple is building screens using MicroLED technology and is planning to test a small number of them to see how they might fare on its devices.
This will really help Apple as the are currently relying on Samsung, LG and others for their MicroLED screen.

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What is MicroLED?

MicroLED technology was invented in 2000 by a research group of Prof. Hongxing Jiang and Prof. Jingyu Lin of the Texas Tech University.

This is a brief introduction to MicroLED, which is a new self-emitting display technology that shares many traits with OLED.

It promises to make displays even brighter and more power efficient. MicroLED technology also lays the foundation for Sony’s “Crystal LED” and Samsung’s “QLED”. As the name implies, microLED displays consist of arrays of microscopic LEDs forming the individual pixel elements.

When compared to the widespread LCD technology, microLED displays offer better contrast, response times, and energy efficiency.

While MicroLED may be all good and sweet, sadly As of 2018, microLED displays have not been mass-produced or commercialized, though Samsung demonstrated a prototype at CES and Apple now has begun in-house development of microLED screens of its own.

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Hard To Produce

So multi-international companies are in the rush to actualized MicroLED, but  MicroLED is hard to produce. Apple it self, is not finding easy and at a point contemplated ditching the pursuit of MicroLED last year, before recent successes. Now the company has moved into the latter phases and is getting ready to test MicroLED on its products.

The time frame for the commercialization of the MicroLED screen on Apple devices is not yet known. However, the company is expected to deliver MicroLED on the Apple Watch first, since the screen is smaller and therefore easier to control, according to the report. If all goes well, Apple could decide to bring MicroLED to more products in the future, including the company’s iPhone.

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Apple’s Prospect

The success of Apple in the MicroLED screen spells freedom for the company. Apple currently relies on LG and Samsung, among others, to deliver the screen technology in its products. By developing its own panels, Apple can cut its competitors out of that equation and produce its own screens. The move could be especially important on the iPhone, where Apple spends billions on displays.

Samsung has also been working on MicroLED technology for its big-screen TVs. The Wall TV, which uses MicroLED can grow to as much 146 inches. And during out hands-on time with the set, we were blow away by the picture quality.

According to the report, Apple’s MicroLED effort is code named T159 and is being managed by Lynn Young, one of the company’s executives. Apple’s MicroLED screens are being manufactured at a 62,000-square-foot facility in Santa Clara, Califonia, U.S.A. According to Bloomberg, 300 Apple engineers are working on the technology.

If all goes well, Apple could offer its MicroLED technology in products within the next few years, starting with the Apple Watch. We are looking forward to MicroLED screen in commercial quantity.


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