Nokia 8110

The Nokia 8110 Is Back with Smart Features

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The Original Nokia 8110

    The Original Nokia 8110

The Nokia 8110 bring back nostalgic feeling. The phone is a blast from the past with a modern feeling. Recently Nokia mother company HMD Global released the legendary Nokia 3310 and it was loved. The Nokia 8110 was first released in 1996 as the first of Nokia’s 8000 high end series. The Phone gain popularity when is was used in the fan favorite movie “The Matrix”. The phone was used by Neo (Keanu Reeves) in the movie.

The Nokia 8110 also duped The Banana Phone, due to it curved body. HMD global in February this year Announced that they will reboot the Nokia 8110 and will release the phone globally this month (April), at the event journalist were allow to get a feel of the plastic made phone. In brief the reloaded Nokia 8110 is here with modern features, the phone is more than what meets the eye. The phone loaded with 4G conectivity , Wifi , Bluetooth 4.1, a dual-core Qualcomm 205 chipset running at 1.1 GHz, 515MB RAM, finally a 1,500mAh battery is powering the whole thing, and while that’s measly by today’s phones standards, the phone’s modest specs would definitely pull out a great battery life out of that capacity. Nokia said that users should expect around 25 days of standby life on LTE.

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 Taking A Closer Look At The Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia 8110
Nokia 8110 A.K.A Banana Phone

Earlier we stated that the phone is more that what meets the eye. The is not just the usual feature phone, it is well packed for modern use. it could serve as a second phone and definitely one you would like. Let us now look at now the phone from hard ware to soft ware and everything in between.


The Nokia Banana
The Nokia 8110 4G is available worldwide this month (May 2018).

The phone has a cool plastic banana like body. The phone will be in YELLOW and BLACK colors, there is no denying of the hypnotic lure of the yellow color, the color along with the curve nature gives it the name Banana phone. The ‘plastic’ is actually a poly carbonate material, it smoothness allows the palms of the hand to slide along the phone effortlessly. Nokia 8110 is actually bigger than the Nokia 3310 that was release last year.

In the Nokia 8110 you will have to slide out the cover to reveal the keypad. The Nokia 8110 is actually one of the most ergonomic phones out there, you have to see the curve nature, smooth surface and it firm fitness to the palms of the hand. The buttons are all clicky enough, though you may need to exert a little extra pressure on the power button on the top right. Sliding the cover down is fun, and we’re sure it will be even more exciting to hang up calls by sliding it back up again.


Nokia 8110
This is a good alternative to your smartphone. Nokia 8110 is solid and handy.

The Nokia 8110 is not design to wow or impress but to be the go to phone when  functionality is all that matters. It has Speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack are also present on the phone, while the microphone has been relocated from the sliding plate to the body of the phone. It also has 4G connectivity, a microUSB 2.0 for charging the 1500mAH battery, and the handset also includes both GPS and Bluetooth.

The device includes a decent amount of onboard storage, a microSD slot which supports up to 64GB , and a 2MP rear camera with LED flash. The phone has a 1,500mAh battery, which HMD said offers a standby time of 25 days. That’s a big incentive for these feature phones as secondary devices to your smartphone — especially when traveling.


The Nokia 8110 is also interesting on the inside. The phone is run by the  operating system called KaiOS. KaiOS – on which Smart Feature is based – is a fork of the Mozilla Firefox OS project, but Nokia has emphasized that KaiOS is not Firefox OS. Nokia worked with Firefox and google to develop this operating system. KaisOS is more like a distant cousin of the Firefox OS.

Since the phone is not running on Android, should you be worried? definitely no! Nokia worked with Goggle,Facebook and others to bring Andriod A.I and Apps to this phone. At the launch(May 2018), you will be able to download and use Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Assistant, as well as Facebook,Twitter and even Snake.

The Nokia 8110 will also offer the ability to synchronize your calendar, email, and contacts out of the box. Sadly this phone will not have Whatsapp. I don’t know if that is temporary or permanent. HMD has also added the ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot using the Nokia 8110 4G, which shares the device’s data connection with other devices. KaiOS is aimed at being super light-weight, and can perform on phones with as little as 512MB of RAM, though a version for phones with 256MB is coming later this year (2018).

Specification Overview

Nokia 8110 4G
OS Nokia Smart Feature (KaiOS)
Display 2.4-inch
Rear camera 2MP
Storage 4GB
Processor 1.1GHz Dual-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 (MSM8905)
Battery 1,500mAh
Cellular LTE (with VoLTE)
SIM Single/Dual
RRP $49.99

Target Audience

Every manufacturers always have a target audience in mind when bring out a product. With Nokia 8110, the company know what they are doing and whom they are targeting. Nokia has two target audiences in mind for the Nokia 8110, based on the tremendous response it received for the Nokia 3310.

The first group are people who love their feature phones and see no reason to change to a smartphone, but who want the latest cellular communications tech. The new Nokia 8110 caters to this, and will have a Wi-Fi hotspot feature – which allows you to share its fast data connection with other devices. Nokia’s other key market are those who may have a smartphone, which they will continue to use as their primary device, but who loved the Nokia 8110.

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Price And Availability

The Nokia 8110 4G will be available from May 2018.  It’s unclear whether it will be available in the whole world all at the same. The Nokia 8110 4G will only cost $50 US.

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