Motorola To Make Foldable Smartphone

Motorola joins the race for foldable Smartphone. The problem all foldable phone have is usually the durability of the display screen, as a foldable Smartphone, the display will frequently bend and this is a problem of durability for all Smartphone manufacturers seeking to join the race. However, Motorola seems to have found an innovative solution for this. The move to patent it. Motorola was been granted a USPTO patent on June 14, 2018, called “Method to recover permanent set in a foldable display.”

Setting the pace is Samsung, they have announced that the expected Galaxy X will be a foldable phone. Huawei and Apple are also looking to produce one of their own. Huawei are even planing to release a foldable phone in 2019.

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OLED screen consist of multiple layers plastic, are very flexible, but there is also a disadvantage to this type of display. Damage occurs when you flex a flexible OLED display frequently. If a foldable smartphone is too long in (half) folded position, then semi-permanent distortion may occur. To counteract this distortion, Motorola proceeds below.

Foldable phone
The patent suggests Motorola will use heat to fight off damage to the OLED display caused by folding and unfolding the display. Credit: Letsgodigital

According to the report at LetsGoDigital the foldable Motorola smartphone has a hinge that runs over the entire width of the display. Optionally, a second hinge is added, making it possible to bend the device at several points. In the hinge (or hinges) a temperature sensor is incorporated and a heat system with a thermal element. The heating element can increase the temperature of the display around the hinge to counteract the effect of semi-permanent deformation.

Using a detection module, it is measured whether the display is in the bent position. Then it is calculated how long the display is in a curved position. For this a timer is used with a back-up battery, so that the time can also be measured when the device is completely switched off.

If this is longer than a predefined duration and / or if the temperature becomes too low, then it is calculated to what extent there is semi-permanent deformation. Once the screen is completely unfolded and the display is inactive, the automatic recovery process begins. The dynamic heating system is switched on and the temperature is increased, after which the display is restored. The display can, moreover, be folded both inwards and outwards.

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Manufacturers with Patent for Bendable Phones.

Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Motorolla and LG have all secured a patent for Foldable phones. We publish about that of Samsung foldable phone at , LG are not behind too. LG also has innovative ideas, for example a mobile device with a pull-out display . In this way, the display is prevented from bending at one point each time.

ZTE - Axon M,
Credit: DigitalTrends
ZTE - Axon M,
ZTE – Axon M, was a poor attempt at foldable phone.
Credit: DigitalTrends

Truth is, none of this companies will claim to be the first to make a “foldable phone” that recognition will go to a Chinese phone maker known as ZTE.

In 2017, ZTE released a phone called Axon M, a bulky and buggy mess featuring two 5.2-inch displays connected by a hinge. The phone was a disaster, Because of it two screens the phone battery always drains so fast. It didn’t create the much needed impact, I am not surprised.

Personally, I think the ideas in the Patent by the top manufacturers are exciting and will create a genre for phone users to savor.

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