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Kuri The Cute Home Robot Get Cancelled

Kuri is a cute home robot that was design to play with children, respond to voice commands and offer some home surveillance as it patrol the premises taking pictures.  Kuri also had an Android app for smartphone owner.



Kuri Home Robot

Kuri had an Android app for smartphone owner.

Kuri was manufactured by Mayfield Robotics a subsidiary of Bosch the parent company. Mayfield Robotics announced that they will be pausing the production of Kuri. This happen to be a very disheartening news to the teeming fans of  Kuri. The Kuri robots that have been made will not ship to customers any longer. All the customers that had Pre-ordered will definitely be refunded.

What Really Happened?

Mayfield Robtics

Mayfield Robtics delivered a batch of the robots at the end of last year. All customers yet to get their robot will now be funded

Mayfield Robotics was actually launched in 2015 as an independent entity of the Bosch Startup Platform. Since then the Mayfield Robotics have been growing and bringing innovative product and Kuri is a result of that.

The subsidiary successfully presented their home robot in CES 2017 and it was an award winning launch, it announced that it would “begin shipping” later that year. Since then they had wowed the audience as they demoed  at TED, SXSW, The Aspen Ideas Festival, The Economist Innovation Summit, and many other high-profile events over the years.

Even seemingly clear successes the Parent company didn’t seem impressed. According to a blog post released Mayfield Robotics things work differently at Bosch. Typically, startups in the Bosch Startup Platform are integrated into existing Bosch business units, but after extensive review, there was not a business fit within Bosch to support and scale our business.

Sad End to a Cute Home Robot

Kuri Home Robot

Kuri can actually dance and lit up your Party….

Why this may mark a pause or end of  Kuri , other manufacturers are still producing. We previosly report about LG’s Cloi Robot and ULo Cute Owl.

Other home robots have managed to make it into consumers’ hands over the past year, including Jibo, Keecker, Lynx and a new version of Sony’s robo-pet Aibo – but reviews have criticised their limited capabilities and significant price tags.

Kuri had some great features. It included :

  • face recognition to help it “capture unexpected moments” around the home
  • mapping sensors to prevent it bumping into objects or falling down stairs
  • touch detection to allow it to respond to its owner in cute ways, such as looking up and chirping if its head was tapped

Mayfield Robotics was still promoting sales of the robot via social media as recently as 15 July and 20 July but sadly the have to fold up.

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