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Top Five Space Watching Apps

Celestial events are always a joy to watch but with the advents of smartphone Apps, you can watch such events from Space Watching Apps. Yesterday (July 27), we had the longest lunar eclipse of the century, and we had published why it was the longest here. Many people all over the globe had a great view. However many others didn’t have a good view especially in UK and West Africa.

If you didn’t get a good view of the last lunar eclipse, relax, the next lunar eclipse will be on January 21, 2019 and I have some  Space watching Apps to help you see the inner space and enjoy the view of celestial bodies. With these apps you don’t need a telescope to have a great view of the starry heavens.

Here is the lists of Space Watching Apps, and it is in no particular order:


Available : On IOS and Android

Price: Free

sky view APP

SkyView make your phone’s screen and sensors to give you an augmented reality (AR) view of what’s up in the sky. The app Use can turn his or her smartphones and tablets into AR viewfinders for identifying stars, planets and constellations. The app can display an object’s track in the sky as well as information on select objects, planets, and satellites. One of the outstanding feature of SkyView  is a “time travel” feature that allows you to view the sky as it would have appeared in the past, or will appear in the future, based on what we know of each object’s movements.

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Cosmic Watch

Available : On IOS and Android

Price : $4.99 (1700 NGN)

cosmic watch APP

The Cosmic Watch App is good in telling accurate time aside that the app also provides users with a slick mobile planetarium and AR sky guide depicting the planets, stars, and constellations. The sky guide view has numerous layers that you can toggle on or off, such as constellations and star names, a sky gradient, and coordinate guide lines. You can view the night sky as it is right now, or use the time machine feature to see the sky in the past or future.

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Sky Map

Available : Only on Android

Price : Free

Google sky Map App

Sky Map turns your Android mobile device into an amazing stargazing companion that you can use simply by pointing it towards where you’re looking.

The App makes use of  your phone’s gyroscope, compass and accelerometer sensors, as well as your current location, Sky Map gives you access to a complete planetarium feeling right from the palm of your hand. Other interesting features of Sky Map  is that You can also search for celestial objects, which the app will point you towards, and even turn back time so you can see how the sky appeared at different times in history, and at different locations.

The App is a Google Project that became open source.

Star Walk 2

Available : On IOS and Android

Price : Free

star_walk 2 APP

The App simply present heavenly bodies like  stars and planets that are in heavens above you in the palm of your hands. That is not all, things actually get interesting from there.The app includes detailed information on the history and mythology of the various constellations (Leo, Sagittarius , Cancer ETC), stars and planets, as well as a coordinates viewer for easy reference. It also has Time Machine slider that allows you to able to view the skies of the past or the future, and you can tap on individual objects for more details. A night mode allows you to stargaze without burning out your night vision, and an augmented reality view overlays the star chart over your camera view.

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Available : On IOS and Android

Price : Free


This is the official NASA mobile APP and it position on the list is justified considering NASA’s reputation on all things cosmic. That aside the APP is quite good.This is the only App on this list that is not trying to act like planetarium in some sort of way. The NASA APP keeps Users up to date on the latest space news, features and images from America’s space exploration agency. You can read up on the latest NASA missions, watch video on demand mini docus and stream NASA TV, check out a schedule of the latest launches and countdown clocks, and view a variety of fantastic photos such as the Earth As Art collections. Users can save videos and photos into their favorites for later viewing or to their device for use as wallpapers.


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