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Tricks: Fast Charge your Phone And Limit Battery Depletion

Charging our smarts phones have become part of our daily routines, most times we need fast charge since we are always on the move. Charging your phone is a harmless repetitive chore, all you need is a place to charged. Charging ensures we stay connected to all the trends, feeds and updates on social media. Just when we are enjoying our phones the battery runs down. Next we run looking for where to charge, and so we continue the cycle of charge and spent. Phones have been a great part of our lives, we can’t even do without it. Phones users know that charging is an inevitable part of using the phone. The two things that concern and bothers most phone users is:

*The need to slow down the phone battery usage.

* The need to fast charge the phone when it goes down.

Lets address both concerns.

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How To Slow Down Phone Battery Depletion

People need phone for their daily lives, because of these , battery life is becoming a critical factor in user satisfaction. For a phone User you have to prevent battery depletion especially when you are out door or where you can’t get power to charge.

Now it is good to know that certain parts of phone consume power more than others. It is good for you to know these parts to limit consumption.

According to a Cambridge University Research, CPU and the Screen consumes the power of the battery excessively. The research has it that the following are parts of a smartphone and the power consumption in mega Watt(mW).

  • An ARM A9 CPU can use between 500 and 2,000 mW.
  • A display might use 400 mW.
  • Active cell radio might use 800 mW.
  • Bluetooth might use 100 mW.
  • Accelerometer is 21 mW.
  • Gyroscope is 130 mW.
  • Microphone is 101 mW.
  • GPS is 176 mW.
  • Using the camera in ‘viewfinder’ mode, focusing and looking at a picture preview, might use 1,000 mW.
  • Actually recording video might take another 200 to 1,000 mW on top of that.

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Know the Apps Affecting Your CPU

The Central Processing Unit(CPU) or Processor is a set of electric circuits that control and execute computer programs. The speed at which this program  is executed by the CPU is known as Clock Rate.

The clock rate is one of the main characteristics of the CPU when performance is concerned. Clock rate is the fundamental rate in cycles per second (measured in hertz, kilohertz, megahertz or gigahertz).

Now, as a CPU handles a computer program, it gives off waste as heat. That is why your phone gets hot from usage.  I don’t want to go deep on this for the sake of brevity of this post.

For the Apps in your phones to run smoothly the CPU will have to work at optimum. The Apps here are not usual and commonly used Phone feature Apps like, SMS sender, Your Call or Phone-book  App. These, consume some amount of power but nothing in comparison to Games, Browsers, Social Media Apps and others that consume massive Amount of energy.

Now to know the Apps running and the percentage of power that they are consuming simply go to settings and find the ‘Battery’ menu and look for ‘battery usage statistics’ or ‘App usage since last full charge’. The exact words may be different depending on your phone or operating system.

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Always Turn Off Radio connection, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connections When Not in Use.

From the Research mentioned earlier it is clear that Radio connection, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connections take a large chunk of your battery power, so it will be wise to turn them off when you are no longer using them.

Radio connection, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connections are all unique technology that makes life easier for us. We use them daily but they all can greatly impart our battery life. If you are not transferring a media file or document switched off you Phone’s Bluetooth. If you leave a WiFi zone or out of range of an Hotspot, switched off your Wifi.

Sometime we use Apps that require to use our Phone GPS. This App will ask you to switch on your GPS in order to use them. after using the said App, kindly switched it off.

Please note this : A research have shown that low Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals will use more battery over an extended period of time. This means that if Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is constantly scanning for an available network when you are on the go, it will uses your battery for now reason. So, it is better to switched it off.

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Limit App Running in The Background

Battery Depletion

Battery Depletion

Applications running in the background are usually battery consuming

Most times your frequently used Apps will always run in the background even if you have closed it. This is not good for your battery. Applications running in the background are using processing power and thus the battery and if you do not need that particular app, you should kill it to save some battery. You can also download App Cleaner from the App store or Play Store.

Optimized Your Battery Usage

How to Optimize Your Phone

How to Optimize Your Phone

How to Optimize Your Phone

Optimize Your Phone

Most times we use Social medial apps, Messaging Apps, and Email Apps, these Apps have the tendency to regular synchronize data with severs. The synchronization process is battery draining. To conserve battery, you have to use the battery optimization setting in your phone  to ensure these apps do not consume so much of your battery.

To do this, go to the Settings on your phone and navigate to ‘Apps and Notifications’ (Sound and notification if you are an Android user) to find that specific app that needs optimization and scroll till you find the ‘battery option’. After that you will see the App and the amount of data it uses.

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Power Saving modes Often

Phone on Ultra Power Mode

Power Saving Mode is great at reducing battery depletion.

Using power serving mode greatly lessens the rate at which your battery depletes but has it disadvantage. I will recommend this option after you have have exhausted all the options above. Switching to power saving mode will reduce your smartphone functions to just the basic features. Some manufacturers have different settings from a normal Power Saving mode to a basic power saving mode to even ultra or maximum power saving mode. You are free to choose what suits you.

Fast Charge Tricks

If you have exhausted all the tips and tricks to prevent battery depletion and your battery is still flat,well, all that is left is to find the nearest power socket to plug your phone charger.

You may wonder how do you fast charge quick enough to go back and enjoy your smartphone, well I have a trick for or you.

The research mention earlier in this post stated that the display of your phone might use up to 400 mW. Radio connection, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth can use up to 1000 mW with the CPU using 500 to 2000 mW. Keep that information in mind because it is important as we go forward.

Charging your phone is a regular affair, so I have been looking for the most optimum way to fast charge your phone.

You can charge your phone in the with the following methods:

  • You can charge your phone when it is on
  • You can charge it when it on but on Air Plane mode, Airplane mode ensures no connection is on.
  • You can charge your phone when it is switched off.

I decided to test all three methods on Android phone(Samsung Galaxy S8) and iPhone(iPhone 8 plus). Using three Samsung Galaxy S8, all three were charged using the three option and the third option(Switching off the Phone and Charging) came out top. The same process was repeated on the iPhone and I got the same result.

So if your phone is down, the best way you can fast charge it by switching it off when charging. This is fast because when your phone is off, your phone’s CPU is working at the barest minimum, your Radio connection, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth are all off, and your screen is not emitting any light. This is not true of the first two options and thus your phone will take longer to charge when compared to the last option. Charging with the Airplane mode on did come second in the test if you may know.

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