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Top Five New Gmail Settings You Wished You Knew

New Gmail Settings

Many people use Gmail, but not all know about the new updated Gmail and new gmail settings available. Earlier this year Google announced the launched new Gmail features.The new Gmail will have a new access to web technology, advanced artificial intelligence and improved security.

We covered this new Gmail redesign in post, you can check it here. One of the outstanding feature added by Google  is called “Confidential Mode,” and the US Department of Homeland says it could present a significant security threat to users.  You can read that here.


Gmail Confidential Mode
The brand new confidential mode in Gmail lets you set expiration dates for sensitive information.

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Gmail Settings you should know about.

There are a lot of short codes and settings in Gmail that can make your user experience fun and easy. There many settings that you may which to turn up or off. I we limit this article to top five settings that the billions users of Gmail can all relate to.

1. Smart Compose Your Mail

Google Smart Reply
Smart reply in Android Messages preview. Image: Google

With the new Gmail redesign have Artificial Intelligent power (A.I) you can do a lot of things. One of such things is letting Gmail compose your emails for you. The new feature is call SMART COMPOSE.

To let Gmail via Smart Compose to compose your mails follow this steps:

First you will need to activate the “Gmail redesign”:

1.     Go to Settings (the gear in the top-right corner)

2.     Find the option that says “Try the new Gmail.”

3.     Once this is activated, go back to Settings and click the box “Enable experimental access.”

4.     Once that’s been checked, scroll down and save changes. The page will refresh, and Smart Compose will automatically start.

5.     You can check in the settings to make sure, but from here you should be able to see Google’s predictive text show up as you begin to write emails.

If you are using Gmail App on Android or iOS, you don’t have to worry about downloading a new app. Google is currently updating all the new features on the Apps via the Sever. In the App, you can also get the new feature call “smart reply“.

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2. Extend mail Sending Time.

Gmail settings, Extend mail Sending Time.
Extend mail Sending Time.

This setting is so great,  you can practically get back a sent mail.

There are many reasons  you want to stop a mail you are sending . You may have typed it hurriedly,  or sent it to the wrong recipient,  or auto-correct ruined your mail and so on.

When using Gmail,  you have five seconds by default to stop a message that you have sent out. You can actually increase that number by going into your Settings and finding the line for “Undo Send.” This only  applies now to only Gmail web.

After pressing “undo Send” you will see a drop-down box that gives you choices of 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds for your cancellation period. Choose the option that suits you and and hit save.

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3.  Set up your inbox the way you like

New Gmail settings allows you to arrange your in box
Set up your inbox the way you like

With Gmail you can chose to read your mails anyway you like. You don’t to read it chronological other alone. Gmails gives you many ways to organize your inbox: maybe you want to read “starred” messages first, or unread messages, or “priority” messages.

To do this, Login your Gmail,  hover your mouse over the inbox tab on the left side of the screen. When a downward-facing triangle appears, click on it. You will see there are five different kinds of  ways you can set up your inbox. There is also a brief descriptions about what each option provides.

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4. Create your own Keyboard short cut.

New Gmail allows you to customized your keyboard short cut
Create your own Keyboard short cut.

Gmail allows you  to create your own keyboards short cut, most people know the Cut, Paste and Copy short cuts but that is not the end. You can create yours.

Here is how:

1.     To go Settings

2.     Under the General tab, scroll down until you see “Keyboard shortcuts”

3.     Check the circle, To put it on

4.     Save

Please Note if you are using the classic Gmail, you will want to find the “Labs” tab, while in new Gmail you will seek the “Advanced” tab. Select the fine based on the gmail you are using, look down on the page until you find “Custom keyboard shortcuts.” Click on Enable and then save the changes. The page will refresh, and when it’s done go back into your settings and find the new “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab on the far right of the top banner.

Click on that, and a window with numerous options will open. You can now choose a shortcut  (or create a new one), then save the changes when done. After that, you will be able to implement the shortcut whenever you need it.

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5. You can Block Annoying People or Mail Senders

How to block annoying mail senders on Gmail
You can block annoying mail senders

Aside the above  confidential mode mentioned at the on set of this post. Google have initiated different security measures.

While Google has strong anti Spam security, You may be plague by your ex, colleague, stalker, acquaintance and the rest ,which Google may see as legitimate senders. some of these so call legitimate senders may worry you.

To Block annoying senders do this:

What to do when you received an annoying message, after you have opened it , you will find the three vertical dots near the top-right. Open this and click on “Block * * * * * *.” Click this option to deflect all messages dispatched by this sender.

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