Google Chrome 69

Google Chrome 69 have Arrived With Great Features

Google Chrome 69 have arrived in time as Chrome celebrate 10 years existence. Google have been improving all of it major apps. We recently posted about the new Gmail and it cool settings.

This is not just an update but the first major revamping on the decade old web browser. There was a time Google Chrome was playing catch up with likes Internet Explorer  and FireFox leading the way as top Web Browsers. Over the years Google have clawed it way up and with the new Google Chrome 69, it will likely remain top.

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The new Chrome 69 heralds the age of internet evolution. It is available for both Desktop and Mobile users. You can download from appropriate Mobile App stores or  download here.

Google Chrome 69 Best Features

Lets look at some of the features that this new Chrome has and why you will love it.

Appearance / Material Design

Chrome 69

The most prominent feature in this new Chrome is the User Interface. The Google Chrome 69 has more features in curves and bubbly circle unlike rectilinear or straight edges of older versions. Google even noted that the shape of tabs makes the favicon easier to identify for people who like to open multiple Tabs.  All drop-down and right-click menus are clean, widely spaced and card-like, imitating printed media.

In the mobile browser, Google has moved the toolbar to the bottom on iOS, which it says makes it easier to reach. With all this feature Chrome have finally join the rest of other Google Apps in visual point of view. All this is possible via Material Design.

The Material Design was launched in 2014 and it was first used in Android 5.0 and it is slowly being integrated in all services provided by Google. Material Design emerged in Google Now to emulate cards, rendering crisp edges and shadows to give these virtual cards depth.

According to Google “Material Design is guided by print design methods — typography, grids, space, scale, color, and imagery — to create hierarchy, meaning, and focus that immerse viewers in the experience,”.

“Material Design is inspired by the physical world and its textures, including how they reflect light and cast shadows. Material surfaces re-imagine the mediums of paper and ink,” Google added.

You can Read More about Material Design here.

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A Powerful Omnibox

Google Chrome 69
Chrome 69 – Omnibox

Google Chrome’s address bar,  is also known as the omnibox. It will now give you answers directly, rather than waiting to load up a new page on Google. This is what Google calls “rich results,” which is information Google displays right on the page such as weather, calculator, or scores for sporting events.

According Google you’ll soon be able to search for files from your Google Drive account right from the Chrome search bar as well.

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Flash Permission

You will now be required to grant permission for websites to use Flash every time you restart the browser. Adobe have announced that it will  no longer update and/or distribute Flash starting 2020. You can read it here. The company is working on replacing the technologies served up in HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly.

Shortcut Accessibility

Managed your Shortcuts right from the New Tab page every time you click on the “+” sign to start a new tab. Your shortcuts can easily be used or edited right from this page now. You don’t have to clutter your toolbar.

Custom image can  be use at  the background of the New Tab page.

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Chrome 69
Chrome 69

Google is constantly trying to improved the security of all it services. Chrome has a new competitor in Brave Browser which is ranked the most secure browser.

Chrome 69 will include a password alert policy. According to Google, if someone tries to sign into a website that’s not whitelisted or is flagged as suspicious by the company, a popup will warn the individual to reset his/her password. This is a move to stop those reusing passwords across multiple sites, leading to compromised accounts and company network breaches.

“Third parties can sometimes inject code that disrupts the stability of Chrome Browser,” the notes add. “In Chrome 66, we introduced on-screen warnings that alerted users when a third-party injects code. In Chrome 69, third-party code is now blocked by default. If you still use software that injects code into browser processes, you can temporarily enable access using the new Third Party Blocking Enabled policy.”

Other Features

Google press materials did not cover all the feature of Chrome 69. Other features such as Picture-in-Picture mode and native Windows 10 desktop notifications. The incognito browsing feature and offline page view is still available.

You can download the new Chrome here.


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