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The Future Of Transportation Redefined By Volvo 360c

The Volvo 360c is a self-driving car that will reinvent personal transportation. With this autonomous car Volvo want you to rethink everything you knew about personal  transportation.

Volvo 360c

Volvo 360c

Volvo 360c

Volvo 360c

Volvo 360c

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To see how this self driving pod will change the future let’s imagine a scenario.
Imagine you have an early morning meeting in a neighboring State. You have two options to get there – either you take a short flight to the local airport , or a fully autonomous ride with a self-driving pod. The autonomous driving pod can deliver you directly to your meeting place, having avoided check-in, queuing, flight delays, security checks and everything else that is part of air travel. Which would you choose?

Most likely you will choose the autonomous pod. The Volvo 360c is a car in it own league.

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Volvo on September 5 introduced Volvo 360c to the world at their Swedish headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo 360c is meant to replace short distant flights taken be transporter for certain reason. If this plan is to materialize will bring comfort to passengers and will reduce the queues at airports and train stations.

How Volvo plans to Make it work.

Volvo 360c

For Business Meetings

Volvo 360c


Volvo 360c

For Relaxation

Volvo’s 360c is a personal pod that can take you where you need to go, completely autonomously, enabling you to work, sleep or just relax along the way.

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Aside the comfortability, Volvo360c will potentially ease the rigors of city life.

Volvo believe individual will need their services and it will also make 360c available to car sharing companies. Car sharing companies are popular, there are Zity, eMov, Car2go to name a few. These companies are already using a establish cars makers like Renault, Citrione and Smart. Volvo plan to rival this car makers in a bid to push 360c it the mainstream.

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How the self driving pod will navigate in the city?

Volvo 360c

For Urban Life

When driving in those cities the 360c will not read traffic lights but will actually be able to interact with pedestrians and other vehicles. Using a series of lights (blinkers) and sounds, the car will indicate its intentions to those around it, signaling in a way far more comprehensive than the humble blinker.


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