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What is MOD APK or MODDED APK and The Risk Attached?

Modded Apk or Mod Apk

MOD APK or MODDED APK are modified version of their original Apps. Mod APKs are modified in a sense to provide better features and it also unlocks all the paid features.

The term ‘MOD’ means ‘Modified.  APK is the format used for Android applications. It is basically synonyms of Android Application Package. Just like in PC we have .exe format similarly in Android the application format is Apk.

MOD APK simply means modified app. The original APKs are modified so that users can enjoy some paid facilities that AKP provides for only certain users(like premium users, Paid User) for free users.

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Mod APK will have all the full features of the original APK  without the end user paying for features that are usually paid for. That is what most people want, free stuffs. But this process is illegal, as users are bypassing the authorization given to only pro users by app developers.

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Modded Apk or Mod Apk

Modded Apks are very common with Games APK but any App can be modified. For example lets say there is a wall paper app you downloaded. You may not get all the desired wall papers since some of it may need to be unlocked through payment. Now, if you have modded wallpaper app,  that might simply have all the  premium wallpapers already unlocked. Modded Apk are simply hacked version of the originally published App. While they are free to download, there is inherent risk. Some modded version may not have those annoying Ads too.

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The Risk of Using Mod APK or Modded APK

You must have understood by now that the Modded version of any APK is not made by the original APK publisher. So because of most it is done by Programmers (Hackers), they can easily slip in a Malware.

You can’t download a Modded Apk in the Google Play Store. Google have warned about downloading any app from an “unknown source”.

When you need to download an Android App always go to Google Play Store .

Where You Can Download Mod APK or Modded APK

We do not recommended using Modded APK files because of the likelihood of malicious wares being attached to it. However, if you desire to play games that are fully free or you want to installed an Apps that do not have any paid restrictions you can get it in the list below.

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Sites That Provide Modded Apk includes:

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