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Google’s 20th Anniversary : Here Comes Some New Features.

Google’s 20th Anniversary is here and there are some nice features available too. 20 years ago Google set out to be a search engine solution to internet users around the globe. Today the company may lead the way in mobile technology and self-driving cars. Through Google search the company was able to turn their name to a verb. Today, people do more than 1 billion Google searches each day.

Google's 20th Anniversary

Members of Google’s search team (from left to right): Ben Gomes, Shashi Thakur, David Bailey and Emily Moxley.
Credit: James Martin/CNET

Now Google is the dominant search engine on the planet. Page and co-founder Sergey Brin helped make the internet, which in 1998 was still a mixture of scattered content. They made the internet more usable and relevant to us average people. Their search service brought information to our fingertips via a simple yet elegant user interface that’s still in use today.

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New Features

Google Doodle

Lets start with the first feature,  Google search page, as you might expect, there’s a Google Doodle celebrating the 20th birthday of the company. The Doodle is playable and when you click on it, the video will show some of popular searches from the past 20 years.

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Updated Terms

Next, Google search is now updated to the latest trends and technology. If you want to search some out dated words or phrase Google search will help bring you up to date. For example, if you search “MP3 file,” Google will ask if you meant “stream music.” If you search “chat room,” Google will ask if you meant “text the group.” And so on.

Google Garage

Another interesting feature is visit Google roots from a humble garage office to a Billion Company. Here is how, you can stroll through the original Google Garage in Street View, and check out where the now-massive company was started 20 years ago. You can go through the house, you’ll find things like ideas for the Google logo, a series of power cables snaking through the house, and more.

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A new Google Feed

As part of its 20th anniversary, Google unveiled its plans to improve Search. This is  starting with its Google Feed. Google Feed is now known as ‘Discover’. With Discover, Google aims to help you uncover content that is not only timely but that also aligns with your interests.

You can  scroll through,  you will see topic headers that provide an explanation for why you’re seeing a specific card in Discover.

Google said in a blog post “Over the last year, we’ve overhauled the Google Images algorithm to rank results that have both great images and great content on the page. For starters, the authority of a web page is now a more important signal in the ranking. If you’re doing a search for DIY shelving, the site behind the image is now more likely to be a site related to DIY projects. We also prioritize fresher content, so you’re more likely to visit a site that has been updated recently,”



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