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How Google Screen Call Works on Pixel 3 Phones

The Google Screen Call service is one of the interesting features of the Pixel 3 phones. Google have really embedded A.I to the use of it’s Pixel 3 phone.

Google Screen Call

Google Screen Call in progress./Credit : Tim Schofeild

Earlier this year Google announced  Duplex project at the Google I/O event, Android users can have their Google assistant make calls for booking for them. At that time seem amazing and far fetched. Duplex is now up and running with the Google screen call functionality on Pixel 3 phones.

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What Is Google Screen Call ?

Google Screen Call is the on screen  feature in Pixel 3 phones that allows you to accept calls from numbers you don’t know. Screen Call let your phone talk to a Spam caller or an annoying caller on your behalf and transcribe the conversation on the screen for you to read.

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How Google Screen Call Works?

Using the Screen call option in the new is surprisingly simple as you call see this demo video by YouTuber Tim Schofield .

To start:

When a call comes in, you will get a notification banner that gives you three options.You can to answer, hang up or screen the call. If you chose the screen call option, Google’s assistant will answer the call, announcing there’s nobody available and offering to take the call.

From then on, Google Screen Call will automatically transcribe whatever the caller is saying in real time. You will be able to see all what the caller is saying on the screen of your phone. There are options by which you can direct the conversation.

There are options such as “Tell me more”, “Who is this?”, and “I can’t understand”, along with a button to directly report the call as spam — which will hang up the call immediately, and possibly blocking it.

This look similar to the service rendered by the “Tru Caller App”. Google Screen call is in a league of it own, it powerful AI can help converse and restrict annoying calls. Tru caller is use to search and identify the owner of unknown numbers, it can also be use to block unknown or annoying callers, or mark a number as SPAM.

That is not all about Scren Call service. There are two buttons that say “Call me back” or “I’ll call you back”, if you select any of these, the assistant will hang up after delivering the message you selected.

If you have a change of mind or have identify the caller, you can still pick up the call in the middle of the Screen Call or just hang up straight away, which will prompt the AI to say good bye and immediately hang up. Watch the video below to see the demonstration by Tim.

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Why Screen Call Feature Is Amazing?

If you are a business man, you are likely getting many calls already. Most of those calls will be hidden. Since the the caller’s number are usually for business you may not store it. , Screen Call is amazing, you can get to know if incoming calls are useful or Spam before you speak to them.


Google Screen Call feature will currently work in the USA alone for now. Subsequently the feature will be extend to other parts of the World. I do not know when other part of the world will enjoy the Screen Call feature.

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Room For Improvement

I thing there is still room for improvement in this amazing feature. Google should incorporate some sort of customization in to Screen Call. Users should be able to have the assistant mention their name or business before talking with the caller. That way it will prevent users losing potential clients because of a machine.

For now, this service is only available on Pixel 3, Google should extend it to  all Android phones.


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