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Simple Way To Delete Your Google Search History

At least once you have wanted to delete you Google Search History. This article will cover tips on the new yet simpler method to delete search history on Google.  Some people knew the old cumbersome method to but now you can learn a faster way, it is just a click away. Google announced this in it blog post on 24/10/18.

Why it is Important to Clear your Google Search History?

In case you are wondering why people delete their search results. There is only one major reason; Privacy.

Google and others can know about your search history and  will target you with ads that are similar to what you searched for. They can also learn about you online activities, for me, that is very invasive.

So, you can see that it is pertinent to protect your privacy by constantly deleting your Google search history.

Previously to do this you have to leave the search page and log in to your Google account. When you are at the Google Account page and browse into the Personal Info & Privacy section. That’s was then now there is a simpler and faster way.

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How to Delete Your Google Search History?

The new method was first launched on Google Search on desktop and mobile web as from 24/20/19. It will be launched subsequently in the Google app for iOS and Android in the coming weeks. It will also be launched on Google Maps.

Now let’s look how you can do this on your Mobile device.

Google Search History

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1. First, Tapped on the three lines on the left side of any Google search page. You will get a pop up with a “Your data in Search” option. From there, Google shows recent queries and provides deletion options.

2. Now, delete your search history for the last hour or delete the all search activity.

If you can’t fine three line at the top left hand corner of your search page on your mobile device. No need to worry you can try this alternative option.

On the search page, scroll down until you see “Settings“, click on it.

Google Search History

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Google Search History

From the options click on  “Your data in Search“. It will take you to the search options settings where u can deleted the search history.

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Let’s look how you can do this on your web browser.

Google Search History

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1. Go to When you are there, there’s a prominent Control Your Data in Google Search link just under the search bar.

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If that link is not in your Google search page, then, you can also click on Settings in the lower right corner of your browser window. Select Your Data In Search from the subsequent pop-up menu.

2. At the “Your Data in Search”  page currently features a video explaining what exactly Google’s storing on you and trying to make the case for why it needs that data.

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You scroll down to Your Recent Activity, this is where you get the summary of recent activity on Google search. You can click the All Search Activity button, from there you can see details going down  months.

3. Deleting

Google Search History

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You can delete data you want, scroll down a little further to Delete Your Search Activity. You can delete just the last 24 hours or delete everything that Google’s logged up until now (which we recommend).

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