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Kyocera’s KY-O1L : The “World’s Thinnest Smartphone” Specs and Price

The Kyocera’s KY-O1L is arguably the thinnest smartphone, and many are loving it. KY-O1L is made by Kyocera , a Japanese company. The company came up with the idea of making KY-O1L, a phone referred as the thinnest phone in the world.

Kyocera's KY-O1L Kyocera's KY-O1L

Kyocera’s KY-O1L is also nicknamed “card phone” because it’s built specifically to fit inside a business card holder.  In Japan where the phone is made, business card is still part of the daily life of people. The KY-O1L will truly resonate with the working class there will be available on country’s NTT Docomo carrier from next month.

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Kyocera's KY-O1L Kyocera's KY-O1L

Kyocera’s KY-O1L Specs

KY-O1L has the size of a credit card or your ATM card. It comes in at 5.3mm thick and weighs a mere 47g. The phone has a 2.8-inch monochrome e-paper screen, LTE connectivity, and a 380mAh battery. It has a web browsers and  but there is no camera for some selfies.

The user interface offers everything a basic phone needs, though there is no app marketplace and as such, this is perhaps only a good choice for those that need something to make calls and text people, with the occasional news reading online.

The video below shows how the user interface of KY-O1L works.

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Price and Availability

The KY-O1L phone will cost 32,000 yen, that’s about $300, a small price for a very pocket-able phone.

The only negative thing is the phone is not available  for everyone. It’s also only available in Japan so you may not get your hands on the phone anytime soon if you don’t live there. Even Japan, the phone is only available on the country’s NTT Docomo carrier.

Is Kyocera’s KY-O1L really the world’s thinnest phone?

There is controversy as to why this is not the thinnest phone out there. The Verge notes, the 2016 Moto Z came in at only 5.2mm, that is about 0.1mm thinner than KY-O1L. The 2016 Moto Z achive such thinnest even with a camera, something that KY-O1L lacks.  Prior to that, there was the Oppo R5, which very  tiny at 4.9mm thick. However, none of those phones offer the same adorable design and cuteness as the KY-O1L.

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Are Small and Pocket size phones a Growing Trend?

Kyocera's KY-O1L

Credit : Tomsguide

Kyocera's KY-O1L

Credit : Tomsguide

Over the years phone manufacturers have been bringing smaller phones. The Oppo R5, 2016 Moto Z and Palm (2018) are some of the fantastic examples.

The Palm 2018, has a front that is made of a 3.3-inch HD (720p) LCD display. The display has a 445 pixels-per-inch. On the right edge is a power button and SIM tray.

The body is made of aluminum, both the front and back are coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It is available in two color options in silver and gold. Palm design the phone specifically to reduce people’s addiction to their phones.


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