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Nigeria Mobile Phone Network Prefixes And Calling Format

There are several  Mobile Phone Network in Nigeria and some times it is difficult to choose which is good for you.

All the network carriers in have many prefixes or access codes. The most difficult situation is trying to identify one from the other.  One mobile phone network can have more than one access code. Remembering which is which is a tough ask any time any day.

 Mobile Phone Network Prefixes

Major GSM networks in Nigeria

In Nigeria the most popular mobile phone network are Airtel, MTN, Glo Mobile and EMTS Limited (9Mobile). All of them have at least 5 prefixes or access codes.

This article is meant to provide a list of all the major mobile phone network in Nigeria and their prefixes. It will serve a reference for you. When or if you want to sent virtual top up (VTU) or sent a recharge card gift to friends and family. It common to hear people asked in Nigeria “which network(mobile Network) are you using?”. This article will help identify any access code or prefix.

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Nigeria Mobile Phone Number Prefix or Access code List

Prefix Network
0701 Airtel Nigeria
0702 Smile
07025 Visafone
07026 Visafone
07027 Multi-Links
07028 Starcomms
07029 Starcomms
0703 MTN Nigeria
0704 Visafone
0705 Globacom
0706 MTN Nigeria
0707 ZoomMobile (formerly Reltel)
0708 Airtel Nigeria
0709 Multi-Links
0802 Airtel Nigeria
0803 MTN Nigeria
0804 Ntel
0805 Globacom
0806 MTN Nigeria
0807 Globacom
0808 Airtel Nigeria
0809 9mobile
0810 MTN Nigeria
0811 Globacom
0812 Airtel Nigeria
0813 MTN Nigeria
0814 MTN Nigeria
0815 Globacom
0816 MTN Nigeria
0817 9mobile
0818 9mobile
0819 Starcomms
0909 9mobile
0908 9mobile
0902 Airtel Nigeria
0903 MTN Nigeria
0905 Globacom
0906 MTN Nigeria
0907 Airtel Nigeria

Please Note : The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) introduced Mobile Number Portability (MNP) across the networks of Telecommunication operators in 2013. The MNP affords users the benefits of porting their mobile phone numbers from one network to another, while still maintaining the original number. That means the Mobile number Prefixes above may not be all that accurate but by default it is.

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You can download a constantly updated list of national numbering plan allocations from the Nigerian Communications Commission Here


Mobile Phone Numbers in Nigeria

Mobile phone numbers start with 070, 080, 081 , 090 and many more, the prefixes is followed by 8 digits. That is not the same with land line or local lines, local phone numbers are between 5 and 7 digits long.

It is also important to note that the length of a phone number can vary even within area codes for land lines.

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The Calling Format

Mobile Phone Number Calling Format within Nigeria is simply by adding 8 digits after the prefixes. Example is 080 xxxxxxxx. If you want to call a Nigerian mobile phone number from out side the country, the country code(+234) has to be added before the prefix or access code. Example +234 080 xxxxxxxx.


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