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Why 5G Phones Will Be Costly

5G phones are soon to be commercialized but the unpleasant truth is that they won’t be cheap to buy. 5G mobile broadband is the next big thing in mobile network technology, it is super fast and we will all love it.

5G Phones

5G Phones would be amazing

When the network finally rolls out, we will all need new phone to benefits from the super fast 5G network. The extra expense will be worth it.

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Motorola seem to be the leading Smartphone manufacturer that is seeking to be the first to launch 5G phones.

US mobile maker Motorola is coming out with a 5G add-on for its modular Moto Z3 smartphone in early 2019.

“We wanted to be first to market, and we wanted to learn a little about 5G frequencies,” says Doug Michau, Motorola’s director of production operations in North America.

The challenge, he says, “has re-energized our engineering base here at Motorola”.

Phone makers have to be careful not to released a 5G compatible phone before the  network actually rolls out.

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Why 5G Phones Will Be Costly

According to a BBC report, to benefit from super fast 5G mobile technology, we’ll all need to buy new phones.

And as we know with all new technologies, the first models won’t come cheap.

The next generation of phones will need a much more complex antenna, a whole new chipset or brain, and a way of managing the extra energy richer 5G services will gobble up.

Much of the base engineering is solved, says Scott Petty, Vodafone UK’s chief technology officer. Now engineers are working on miniaturization and how to scale up manufacturing to keep costs down, he says.

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But with 5G-compatible phones likely to start selling from “around $600-$700 (£458-£534)”, according to David McQueen from ABI Research – Samsung, Apple and Huawei prices will be “much higher”, he says – will we bother to fork out the extra cash?

This depends on how impressed we are with the new generation of services, says Mr Petty.”

5G Phones and Network

Qualcomm is developing a 5G antenna, but the new smartphones will need new chipsets as well. Credit : Qualcomm

We think 5G will kick off another wave of innovation that we haven’t seen in the last three or four years,” he says, something akin to the shift from clunky physical keyboard-based models to those with high-definition touchscreens.

The first 5G smartphones are likely to have two modems: a standalone 5G modem, and one that works on 4G and older networks “to fall back on when 5G isn’t available”, says Mr Cutress (he writes review website AnandTech).

In time, though, smartphones will probably have one modem that can switch between 3G, 4G, and 5G when necessary for the user.

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