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How To Record WhatsApp Video Calls

If you would like to know how to Record WhatsApp Video Calls, you have landed on the right page.

WhatsApp is one of the numerous apps that allows users to make video calls whether on Android or iOS.

The App is a preferred app for video calls by many people, this is because it is a while use chatting app. It is one of the App on App store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) with the highest download.

People have various reasons that the want to record their video calls. Some have been asking me to make a post on this.

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Before I show you how you can do this, I like you to know that Whatsapp on it own do not have any means of recording a video call. However, you can record WhatsApp video calls using a third party screen recording app. If you haven’t read our article on the Best Screen Recorders for Android Phones kindly do.

Steps on How To Record WhatsApp Video Calls

  1. First you must download a third party screen recording App. If you are an Android user you can one from the list of five best screen recorder in the article mention above.Record WhatsApp Video Calls

    For iOS users there are two options available. The first is to get a new iPhone with iOS 11, it comes with a built-in screen recording functionality. The second option is less expensive and it is for those with older version of iOS. You can download a screen recording app,  two great option for WhatsApp video call recording is AZ screen recorder for iOS and Go Record: Screen Recorder. Pleaes note the AZ screen recorder works for iOS version 8.4 and up while Go Record: Screen Recorder works for version iOS 8.1.2 and above.

  2. Open up the screen recorder app.
  3. Activate WhatsApp and find the contact you want to record a video call with.
  4. Enable screen recording using your new app.
  5. Hit video call on WhatsApp and the screen recording app will record the WhatsApp video call.
  6. Save the WhatsApp video call.

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The video will then be saved to the phone or tablet’s memory. It is important to note that if you are going to record your WhatsApp calls, you should first ask the permission of all people involved in the video chat. This will help you avoid unnecessary litigation.

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