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How to Search On Google Properly in 2019

Sometimes when you make a search on Google Search engine, it may not give you the kind or type of results that you were anticipating. Google algorithm is constantly being updated and so is the search parameters.

How to Search On Google Properly

Without the right search parameters you may never be very pleased with what you are looking for. The Google search engine is very powerful and you will likely get what you want at least once out of 10 searches. That is where this article comes in. In this post I will show you 10 way on how to search on Google more precisely by using the right search parameters.

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How to Search On Google Properly in 2019 Using the Right Parameter

1. Search On Social Media

If you want to search and anything on social medias , you have to add @before the word. Example: @BREXIT or @Trump News. If you want you search to be more precised then you can narrow it down to a particular social media platform. Example: @Facebook BREXIT  or @Twitter Trump News.

2. Search A portion of the Holy Books

If You forgot a full verse or portion of a holy book but can only remember part of it, try this method to get the portion. You can search a word or phrase remember partly, in quotes after you add Bible in front. Example: Bible “God loves the World”. The same applies to the Quran.

3. To get a particular  product with a specific price

If you are looking for a product within you budget, it is wise to use this method. Try this : search for the product with the price listed after the product name. Example: Toyota Camry $25000. For cars you can add the year to be more specific. : Example: Toyota Camry 2005 $25000. You can also search based on a price range. Example: Toyota  Camry $25000……..$27000

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4. Search For where to Eat

Sometimes you may fine your self in an unfamiliar territory, one thing is constant wherever you may be, that is hunger. To fine the nearest snacks bar or restaurant always add “near me”. Example: Restaurant Near Me or Snacks Bar Near meThe Google search engine while show the results along with a map to help guide you.

5. Find a Particular Word you forgot in a sentence
How to Search On Google Properly

Google search

You may want to remember a favorite poem or a quote from somewhere. You can try this,  search for what’s missing. Just put an * in place of the missing word or words. For example: In * you will know what it is like to lose.

6.Search similar Websites related to a website you know Already

You can also search for sites that are similar to a site you like or know already. Try this, you’ll add related: in front of a website address. For example, if you want to find a service that is similar to YouTube, simply search related:

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7. Search a specific website

If you are the type of person that love to read news or information from a particular source you or you will like to verify a news content that you come across. Try this: put site: before the website you want to search, and then what you’re looking for. For example: tsunami. This will work in any website especially if you are not interested in searching each individual page for keywords on the site.

8. Search for the Exact Phrase you want

To avoid get search result the are not very related to what you want. Here is what to do,  put quotation marks around your search. This works best with short and specific topics. For example, if you want to learn about free tutorials online —this will exclude results that are actually for paid classes — try searching for “free online tutorials”.

9. Remove words from your results that you don’t want to see

Sometimes, you want to exclude certain words from your search results. Try putting a – in front of the word you want to exclude. For example, if you want to search for the most venomous animals, but you want to exclude Snakes. Example: most venomous animals -Snake.

10. Localized Your Search

You may want to limit you search to a particular geographical location. Certain phrases are used all over the world (example: Presidential Election), so to avoid having results that are out of your scope, you should add the country or state to your seach. Example: Nigerian Presidential Election.

It is our hope that these search parameters will help you search better and faster in 2019. Comment in the comment sections any search parameter that has been helpful for you. Remember to always clean your search history for privacy reasons. To learn how to do  it click the link Simple Way To Delete Your Google Search History.



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