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The Viral ’10-Year Challenge’ Could be used to Harvest data for Facial Recognition Algorithm

The Viral ’10-Year Challenge’ May Be Mining Data To Teach Facial Recognition Algorithm according to many Tech Writers.
So many have joined the viral trend of sharing a comparative picture of themselves in a ten year period without knowing the may be selling their data.

Is Facebook really Free?

Facebook's Data Breach

We all use social Media and we all think it is free because you don’t pay money when signing up. The truth and reality is that we pay with our personal data. If you are on Facebook, it knows your name, age, education history, relationship status, where you live or work, your interest, people that your interact with(friends) and many data. Ordinary you won’t share these information with a stranger that you just met but you share them on Facebook. Facebook secretly collect this data and sell it or use it for their own benefits. You may be wondering how Facebook makes money on your data, that’s a topic for another day.
In recent weeks, the so-called #10YearChallenge has spread across social media, calling on users to post a picture from a decade ago (or their first-ever social media profile picture, in some cases) and compare it to their most recent photo to show how much — or how little — they’ve changed. The trend has attracted millions of submissions, including many from celebrities, but tech expert Kate O’Neill thinks there could be a much more insidious reason for the trend.

What Tech Writers are Saying

In a viral thread on Twitter, O’Neill suggested that the “10-Year Challenge” trend is really just a way for someone to teach a facial recognition algorithm on how to detect human aging.

Kate O’Neill is not the only person suggesting that there could be an ulterior motive to the “10-Year Challenge.” The New York Times explored the theory as well, jumping off of O’Neill’s article and adding a warning from information systems expert Lauren Rhue.

This is not be the first that time that Facebook have stolen data of it users. At you spare time search “Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data scandal”.

The scandal erupted in March 2018 with the emergence of a whistleblower, an ex-Cambridge Analytica employee Christopher Wylie. He had been an anonymous source for an article in 2017 in The Observer by Cadwalladr. Facebook CEO have been in court to defend the companies role in the scandal.

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Protect your Privacy

Please be careful how much data you give out on social media. Know how far is too far and much is too much. Don’t be quick to join a trend. Recent there was a data breach on Facebook, we wrote an article on how to see if you were after. Here : How To Check If You Suffered From Facebook’s Data Breach.

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