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Facebook Plans To Merge WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger are all services owned and run by Facebook.

The company now plans to integrate all three services in a way to make messages flow between WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

This does not mean the trio will be merge as one rather all three will remain stand-alone apps. However,  at a much deeper level they will be linked so messages can travel between the different services.

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Facebook Plans

WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

Facebook plans to merge WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

Facebook told the BBC it was at the start of a “long process”.

The plan was first reported in the New York Time.  It is believed to be a personal project of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

This is process have began as the ” Status for 24 hour” feature has been introduced in all three services.

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Once complete, the merger would mean that a Facebook user could communicate directly with someone who only has a WhatsApp account. A user in Messenger can sent a message to Instagram. This is currently impossible as the applications have no common core.

The work to merge the three elements has already begun, reported the NYT, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 or early next year.

“We want to build the best messaging experiences we can; and people want messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private,” said Facebook in a statement.

“We’re working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to reach friends and family across networks,” it added.

The statement said there was a lot of “discussion and debate” about how the system would eventually work.

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Facebook is doing all this to prepare way for their advertising project. They plan to give Google a run in the online advertising industry.

A Cross-platform messaging may also lead the way for businesses on one platform to message potential customers on another.

And it might make it easier for Facebook to share data across the three platforms, to help its targeted advertising efforts.

Information from BBC had been used in this Article.

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