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DNS Flag Day is February 1st 2019

In case you are wondering what DNS Flag Day is all about? You have come to the right page. Let know what DNS is all about. DNS stands for Domain Name System.

DNS Flag Day

February 1st 2019 Is DNS Flag Day

According to Wikipedia it is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network. This system has been in use from 1985 and was updated 20 years ago. If you have a website, yours domain name is part of this network of systems. The post concerns website owners more but if you are a tech aficionado, you can continue to read on.

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What DNS Flag Day is all about?

The DNS flag day will be February 1st 2009. It is a day set aside to clean the internet of DNS that have not complied with the update 20 years ago.

The current DNS is unnecessarily slow and inefficient because of efforts to accommodate a few non compliance DNS systems.

February 1st will mark a major change is coming to the internet as we know it. Domains  that have outdated DNS settings or servers will no longer load for user of major ISP’s(Internet Service Providers).

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The Benefit of DNS Flag Day

According to  it will ensure further sustainability of the system it is time to end these accommodations and remediate the non-compliant systems. This change will make most DNS operations slightly more efficient, and also allow operators to deploy new functionality, including new mechanisms to protect against DDoS attacks.

How To Test if Your Domain Name Is Safe?

There is no reason to worry if you are an Internet user without your own domain name. This change is affecting you only indirectly and you do not need to take any other steps. But if you owned a website you will have to check if your site is safe.

To test for a site owner Click HERE, then put in your web address in the “Test your domain” box to find out if your site will survive this major deadline! We in Infocontemporary have tested our site and it safe! We are here for a long haul.

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The following ISP’s are fully in support of the DSN Flag Day as at the time of preparing this article.

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