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How to Unsend Facebook Messenger’s Messages

There must be one time that you wished you can Unsend Facebook Messenger’s messages that you had sent. If you have ever been in such a situation, you may want to know that Facebook is finally rolling out a feature to Messenger to help you delete/unsend a message. The unsend feature is live now in the Facebook Messenger Android mobile app. To enjoy it you will need to download or upgrade to the latest version ( The feature is available on Messenger Lite version too.

Since last year we heard that this feature was coming to the Messenger APP after is was successfully launched in WhatsApp.  WhatsApp also is a Facebook owned company. So, it is not strange to see is coming on Messenger even though with some limitations like that of WhatsApp.

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Limitations of the New Features

The biggest limitation with Facebook Messenger unsend is that you only have a 10-minutes-long window to delete your messages. Once that 10 minutes is up, the message is stuck in the conversation permanently. In WhatsApp if the recipient have seen the message you can only delete it from your end.

Another limitation is that you can’t delete a follow up message from your recipient. This means if you send a message you regret and the person sees and responds to it, you can only delete the original message you pushed.

The follow message that made it clear will stick around forever, unless they decide to delete it as well within their own 10-minute window.

Advantages Of the New Feature

It is not all bad there are some really good advantages that comes with this new features. One advantage is this feature is that it can be useful if you notice some typos in your message.

Another advantage is that it will  be helpful for people who tend to overreact to situations. . While overreacting they may have  sent a confrontational message that they regret sending as soon as it has been sent.

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Facebook Messenger unsend — Here’s how it works

The process to unsend a message is very easy. Kindly follow the Steps below:

  • Open Facebook Messenger app on your phone or desktop and navigate to the conversation you want to delete.
  • First, tap and hold on the message you want to delete to bring up the various options you have for that message.
  • Tap the “remove” option to bring up the secondary menu of remove features.
  • You’re given two options, which are each pretty self-explanatory: Remove for You and Remove for Everyone.
  • Tap the one you like, confirm, and the message vanishes from both sides of the conversation.

Check the Pictures below for visual aid.

How to Unsend Facebook Messenger's Messages

How to Unsend Facebook Messenger Messages

When a message is removed, a “tombstone” will be left where the message appeared in the thread. This can’t be removed and each party will see it.

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