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What is KongaMe and how to use it?

KongeMe is a new payment option by Konga one of Nigeria’s e-commerce company founded in July 2012, Gbagada, Lagos State, Nigeria. With KongaMe you can now buy items in Konga online even when you are out of cash.

Konga offers a wide range of products ranging from Smartphones to Laptops, Home Appliances, Electronics, Groceries, Fashion and so much more at unbeatable prices. Shop now and enjoy first class service and fast delivery to your location nationwide.

In 2015 Konga launched KongaPay, this was Konga’s solution to facilitate uptake of cashless electronic payments.  Konga is partnership with Nigerian commercial banks in order to work for customers only within the’s platform. Another services that launched by Konga was Konga Express.  Konga Express  focus on selling of its products to reach the buyer with every available means. Customers can have their ordered products get to them within 1–3 days. Konga Express fulfills the orders that are made daily with online tracking.

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What is KongaMe all about?

KongaMe is an option to allow you tp pick items on Konga without being the one to pay for it.

You can shop desired items online @ and send the bill to someone else at the check-out point.

You can hint your friends, family, or spouse, can now pay for you. Tell them to ‘KONGA ME’ by simply making a wish list of anything you want on the Konga website. After that send it to them with one click after which they pay, and you receive your order hassle free at your doorstep, pretty easy and cool.

As soon as the benefactor picks up the bill by paying online after receiving an email notification, the order is automatically processed for delivery. It will dispatched to the preferred pick-up location by Kxpress, Konga’s internal logistics arm.

With KongaMe irrespective of where you are or lack of funds, you can participate in the service that Konga offers.

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How to Use KongaMe feature?

Follow along as I will show you how to checkout your Items on the Konga site. There are pictures to aid you too.

Step 1


1. First things First, Visit from any of your devices. it works on all browsers.

Step 2


2. Browse through the collection of items on Konga

Step 3


3.  Add Items you like or want to your Shopping cart and then proceed to checkout.

Step 4


 4. Select or Add your preferred address. The proceed to Payment Option, choose KONGAME.  Make sure you login.

Step 5


5. You feel in the details of the person you will want to finalize the payment.After that click “continue”

Step 6


Having filled the details, Go Ahead and click “Place Order”

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After step 6 You will get a screen with “Thank You For Your Order” that means it was successful. Your payer will receive email and SMS notification to pay for you.

Go and try out this new Konga feature and let me know your observation below.

Below is a Konga video to aid you use KongaMe feature.

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