Smart Headphone from Google and Qualcomm

Google Assistant powered Smart Headphones

The news that Google Assistant powered Smart Headphones will be available 2019 is thrilling.

Google Assistant powered Smart Headphones

Smart Headphones( earbuds and headsets) are now part of daily smart accessories we use in this ever connecting world.

Google and Qualcomm have teamed up create headphones or headset of the future. Google is the master of tech and A.I, Qualcomm are the masters of chipsets.

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The Need For A Google Assistant powered Smart Headphones

Google wants to make it easier to create Google Assistant-powered earbuds and headsets. To achieved this, Google will need a good chipset on the headphones. And who else can make a chipsets that can help you keep the Google Assistant other than Qualcomm.

The Chips

Google Assistant powered Smart Headphones

Qualcomm’s QCC5100, QCC3024 and QCC3034  are Bluetooth chips built into a “Qualcomm Smart Headset Development Kit for the Google Assistant,” which means it makes it dead simple for companies to implement the features into their own earbuds. It even comes with a reference design from Qualcomm and Google. It shows off how one of these earbuds can be built with the chips inside.

According to Qualcomm the chips support Google’s Fast Pair technology, which means all you need to do is turn an earbuds’ pairing mode on, bring it close to the phone, and you’ll immediately see a option to connect to it (if it has this chip inside it).  You don’t need to go to the Bluetooth settings menu and wait about. We’ve seen this technology in the likes of the Google Pixel Buds, but the development kit makes it easy for other manufacturers to implement the same tech in their own products without much work on their part.

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According to DigitalTrends Fast Pair saves a unique code shared between the phone and the headset, and ties it to your Google account, so if you swap to another device where you have logged into a Google account, it will remember your earbuds and pairing will then be a one-tap process. It’s solving the frequently confusing process of keeping Bluetooth devices connected and paired to the right devices.

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