Secure Your Android Device In 2019

How to Secure Your Android Device In 2019

In this article you will see how to secure your Android device in 2019. We partner with Techwarn to bring you this interesting article on Andriod security because Internet security is more about practicing good digital hygiene than keeping up with fancy new tricks. It’s Techwarn’s mission to raise cybersecurity awareness and keep users free from attacks.

Over 80 percent of mobile devices sold around the globe run on Android. It’s the most popular mobile operating system in the world. The popularity of Android devices has its upside, but it’s also an attractive source for hackers to exploit. With all the information that these hackers can access just by hacking into our phones, it’s imperative for Android users to make their best efforts toward securing their devices.


The latest Android versions come with impressive security measures. However, hackers are increasingly becoming smarter and more frequent with their attacks. Now, more than ever, cybercriminals are effective and complex. However, there are countermeasures that you can take to protect your Android device from these attacks. Read on to find out more.

Secure Your Android Device In 2019

Keep Your Antivirus Up-to-Date


Malware and viruses come in many forms these days. You can never know when your device will be hit by one of these. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to be prepared with an antivirus and anti-malware application. More importantly, remember to keep your antivirus and anti-malware application up to date. An up-to-date antivirus will effectively keep your device secure against all the latest threats.

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Use Android VPN


Android VPN secures your internet traffic by routing your connection to an encrypted tunnel. All the traffic that is transmitted through this tunnel is encrypted which ensures privacy and guarantees the integrity of your data. Android VPN offers end-to-end encryption which, considering the fact that the digital ecosystem is flourishing with cybercriminals, we are in dire need of.


Android VPN secures your data when you are connected to the internet. This is very important, especially when using public Wi-Fi networks. Besides guaranteeing online privacy and security, Android VPN offers a lot of additional benefits. For instance, VPN helps you unblock restricted content from video streaming websites such as Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and more.  With a VPN, you will be able to access content that’s restricted to certain areas only even from abroad.

Secure Your Android Device In 2019

Don’t Install Untrusted Third-Party Apps


Don’t install apps from untrusted third-party app banks into your device. There are hundreds of thousands of applications in the Google Play Store that you can use. You can never trust Android apps from third-party platforms. In most cases, these APKs contain malware and viruses that will infect your device upon installation. Why go to third-party app banks when you can find any app on the Google Play store?

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Keep Your Operating System Up to Date with the Latest Security Patch


Keeping your operating system up to date with the latest Android security patch is one of the best ways to keep your device secure. Hackers are always coming up with creative ways to compromise the security of your device. So, keeping your operating system up to date is the only way to keep cyberattacks at bay.


Hackers are not the only threat here; intelligence agencies have been known to employ cunning practices to keep tabs on your private activities. One of them is exploiting vulnerabilities in the Android operating system. Keep your operating system up to date and ensure that you have the latest security patches to ward off such threats.

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