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Under-screen camera Unveiled by Oppo

Under-screen camera is the latest trend for smartphone. For weeks now OPPO have been teasing about a new device with innovation (first under-screen camera)  not yet seen. Oppo and Xiaomi both teased their upcoming under-screen cameras in recent times, but it’s one thing to put out a video and quite another to show a working model to the public. Oppo have succeeded in the later, and have presented the evidence in MWC Shanghai.

under-screen cameras
Credit : OPPO

With this new phone Oppo is leading the rest of the world into a notchless future. So Oppo have the honor of taking first place in the battle to make an under-display camera. The battle for the best one is still to be fought.

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How The under-screen camera works

In terms of image quality, it’s apparently not great, losing out on resolution and clarity compared to normal cameras. But it’s still got some time before it’s added to production phones. The aim is to have it on users’ devices ‘in the near future’, according to a quote given to Engadget.

According to TechRadar the camera loses a lot of incoming light to the LCD layer, has a larger sensor with bigger pixels on it to better capture that light. This suggests a lower resolution for the unit than other front-facing cameras, and obviously shooting through an extra layer will reduce sharpness and increase artifacting. Oppo says it is working on reducing these in software, but there’s only so much you can do. The sample photos don’t look so hot.

under-screen cameras
Credit : Oppo

When you’re not using the camera, the screen just acts as a screen, although the image quality in the area surrounding the camera is noticeably worse, due to the different structure that’s required to have both the camera and the display on top of each other.

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The camera concealed beneath the display has been fitted with a particularly wide aperture and large sensor, in order to still get bright enough images despite the screen being in its way.


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