How to Watch Your Favorite DStv Shows on ShowMax

You can watch your favorite DStv shows on Showmax, read on to see how. Showmax provides unlimited access to boxsets, series, kids shows and movies with new shows added weekly. With Showmax you can binge-watch every episode of that comedy-drama, or get caught up in the action of your favourite movies stars like  Dwayne Johnson, Keanu Reeves and Scarlett Johansson movies.

You can watch never seen before content of popular shows like BBN. In this article we will show you step by step approach to watching Showmax.


Did you know that if you’re a DStv subscriber, you pay even less Showmax? As at the time of writing DStv Premium subscribers get Showmax for free while  DStv Compact and Compact Plus subscribers only pay N2900 or R49 for south Africans  for Showmax. You will pay higher if you are using other DStv bouquet.
As a DStv subscriber, all you have to do to nab this deal is to add Showmax to your monthly DStv  account.
DStv shows on Showmax
You must add payment options to benefit from free 14 days trial.
Free Trials are strictly reserved for first-time Subscribers. You will not qualify for a Free Trial if your payment details have been used to pay for a subscription on another Showmax Account or if you have registered before.

Devices you Can use to watch DStv shows on Showmax

Watch your favourite Showmax series on any device that connects to the internet- your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop, and even your  Xbox or PS4. You can also watch it on your  DStv Explora or smart TV. You can also watch from the DStv Now App.

How do I add Showmax to my DStv account?

You would need to sign up for a Showmax subscription and then select “DStv add to account” as  your payment method.
  1. Go to eazy.dstv. com or click on the “Get my unique code” button above.
  2. Sign in to Eazy platform.
  3. Select my account.
  4. Click on “Go to Showmax” and sign up for Showmax.
  5. You will be automatically redirected to the voucher capture screen where the activation code is pre-populated, press submit.
  6. Accept billing and click yes.
  7. Your subscription is now successful, you can start watching Showmax.

Or alternatively

  1. Go to
  2. Create a Showmax account with your email address. You can Also use your Facebook account.
  3. Create a password. If you had chose to use Facebook, you will get an email asking you to change password.
  4. Choose “DStv add to account” as your payment method.
  5. Enter your IUC number.
  6. Confirm your mobile phone number.
  7. A one-time pin (OTP) will be SMSed to this number to verify your account.
  8. Start watching your favourite shows.

What If I Am Already a Showmax subscriber?

  1. If you have a credit card or paypal subscription then go to eazy.dstv. com, select the “DStv offer” and your existing payment methods will automatically be paused.
  2. When or If you cancel your DStv premium account or are suspended by DStv, your old payment methods will apply.


  1. Login to Showmax.
  2. Refer to Manage Account and click on Manage Subscription.
  3. Select “DStv add to account” as your form of payment.
  4. Enter your South African ID number.
  5. Confirm your mobile phone number.
  6. A one-time pin (OTP) will be SMSed to this number to verify your account.
  7. Enter in the OTP and accept the terms and conditions.
  8. You can watch Showmax on up to 5 devices!

Other Tips You Should Know About Showmax

  1. You can watch Showmax with or without an Internet connection
  2.  Stream on two devices at once or download up to 25 shows for later.
  3.  Watch on any computer using your favourite web browser at No apps required.
  4. You can watch anywhere it is available on iOSAndroidChromecast,Apple TVSamsung & LG Smart TVs.
  5. If you’re watching Showmax using the app for smartphones and tablets, download  episodes of your favourite series or even movies to watch offline later.
  6. You can also watch Showmax on your DStv Explora. If you have a connected DStv Explora, you can watch Showmax the same as you would watch any  other channel. Press the blue DStv button on your remote, click Watch Now and select Showmax to  start watching.

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