How to Use Google Chrome “Send Web Page” Feature

There is a new Google Chrome “Send Web Page” Feature, it is currently working smoothly on iOS, windows, and Android. GOOGLE Chrome’s new feature  makes it  the browser to beat, it is so much more useful than before. Read more on Top browser 2019.

Last week Google announced it has started rolling out Chrome version 77 to Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices .

The new Chrome 77 boast of a new welcome page and a number of smaller aesthetic tweaks. Every 6(six) weeks Google releases a new version of their famous browser, the version usually come with new features, bug fixes and more. The last of such version of chrome with so much changes was Chrome 69.

How to use Chrome 77 “Send Web Page” feature

Google Chrome 69

As the name suggests, the function has been specifically engineered to allow fans to more easily send pages from one device to another.

Although Chrome already allows users to transition from one device to another while keeping the same web pages open, the addition should make such a process more simple and quicker overall.

To harness the new feature, mobile users should head to the page they want to share and head to Chrome’s menu.

This will present an option that says “share” – clicking this will highlight a new tool called “share this page”.

It is worth noting those transferring pages to an iOS device will need to have the Chrome app open to receive it.

As noted by The Verge, the functionality is currently available to Windows, Android and iOS versions of Chrome running version 77.

How to Get Chrome 77

In case you are wondering how to get in and try this new feature. Chrome 77 is available for iOS, Windows and Android. The Mac version will be up soon.

Google Chrome version 77 is available to download right now.

One of the browser’s biggest rivals, Firefox, was granted similar functionality back in February.


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