Using Vivaldi Browser

Why you should be Using Vivaldi Browser

Using Vivaldi Browser could be the best decision you make when choosing a browser. Vivaldi was Founded by Opera co-founder in 2016, Vivaldi became popular among early adopters and those who love user customization.

The browser is already gaining lots of users as many people are thrilled with the ideal of customizing their browser as they deem it fit to be.

The Vivaldi browser wants to make it pleasant and personal as we surf the web daily.

Two users of Vivaldi will never have the same browser setup. This is so because when you run it for the first time, you will be directed through the whole setup process. You will then customized the browser in a way that makes sense for you.

Vivaldi is one of the best browsers this year.

Earlier Drawback to Using Vivaldi Browser

Using Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser’s progress was slowed due to the fact that it was not available on mobile device, now that’s history.

Many were held back by Vivaldi’s non-availability on a mobile platform, including iOS and Android. After all, users do want to access their browsing history, bookmarks, and passwords on multiple platforms.

Recently, the company announced the Vivaldi browser for Android. They haven’t ported all the features from the desktop variant, though. But it’s a promising start. The Android version is based on the Chromium rendering engine.

Why you should be Using Vivaldi Browser

We list five criteria that make Vivaldi a great choice when you are choosing  a browser. Here we go:


Vivaldi is available on multiple platforms, like Android, Mac, and Windows. The company is currently working on the iOS version.

User Interface and Customization

The UI is simple and easy to customize according to the individual’s preference.

Vivaldi takes you to the default home page. It contains a search bar and speed dial at the top. You can customize the main page by keeping the most visited websites in the speed dial.

The Vivaldi browser also  offer a dark/light theme option from the Settings menu. You can change the search engine on both Chrome and Vivaldi. Chrome supports Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Vivaldi offers more options with DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, Qwant, and


Vivaldi is built on Chrome, so you can expect smooth performance. But that’s not all. Vivaldi offers a built-in screenshot tool to capture the entire article. To use it, you can either choose the current display page or capture the full webpage. One can access the images from the Vivaldi capture folder in the Gallery app.

With the criteria above, you can see that choosing Vivaldi is a great decision.

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