The new Spectre x360 13’s anti-hacking features

The new Spectre x360 13’s anti-hacking features

The new Spectre x360 13’s anti-hacking features

In this article we partnered with Techwarn to bring to your knowledge best way to protect yourselves from hackers. You will also learn about the interesting collaboration between ExpressVPN and HP which is embodied in the new Spectre x360 13’s anti-hacking features. 

When most people hear about hacking, they often think it cannot happen to them, until it does. Hacking is not a preserve of a few select or big corporations. All data is valuable to a hacker, no matter its origin. Individuals are the most likely to get hacked since most companies have stringent digital security measures in place.

Airports, coffee shops, or schools have free Wi-Fi, and since we all love free Wi-Fi, we are not opposed to logging in. Most of these networks are often unsecured. Hackers often have a field day intercepting communication between unsuspecting users of these networks.

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What is the solution?

A VPN unblocks websites, and if you go to a location with blocked sites, you will be able to get the same service as you would at home. Your IP address and location are masked, giving you a high anonymity level. Most importantly, your communication is encrypted.

There are hundreds of free VPNs available, but you should stay away from them. For them to provide a free service, the catch is that they sell your data to the highest bidder.

The Spectre x360 13’s security features

The Spectre x 360 13 has very cool security additions. In every ten people, six have a healthy fear of being hacked via their webcam. What the majority do is to physically cover the webcam to protect themselves .Not so with the new Spectre. The PC comes with an HP Webcam Kill Switch, which has a physical on and off switch that turns off the webcam when it is not in active use.

ExpressVPN and HP have teamed up to bring you the new Spectre x360 13. Among these laptops’ features, an Express VPN is pre-installed for added security. Once you purchase the computer, the Express VPN is active for a 30-day trial period. Within this period, you can access any of the Express VPN’s apps.

The new dedicated mute mic comes with an LED key for switching the microphone on and off. To prevent unauthorized access to your PC, you can log in via Windows Hello. This feature has accessories like HP’s tiniest IR camera (2.2mm) and a fingerprint reader, which is strategically located on the keyboard.

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Public mind shift

Lately, there has been a significant shift in thinking. Most people have, at some point, considered using a VPN. In research carried out by globalwebindex, of the 138, 962 subjects, 30% had in the past month used a VPN. The motives for using VPNs were many and varied by country to country. 40 countries were surveyed, with the highest percentage using VPN on their PCs.

Why HP teamed with ExpressVPN

HP is a world leader in innovative solutions ranging from health, education, and retail. Express VPN is passionate about keeping data safe, so this team-up was a natural fit.

 Express VPN for one uses TrustedServer technology. This technology means that they do not store data on hard drives, which could be compromised if a hacker tried long and hard enough. Trusted Server uses volatile memory (RAM) for its servers. RAM needs the power to store data, and as soon as it is powered down, all information written on it is wiped away. What better way is there to keep data from malicious individuals?


Major technology brand HP is on the warpath against hackers. Soon other technology brands are coming on board with ExpressVPN. Let us wait and see what innovations they will come up with next.

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